Monday, March 28, 2005

Easter Plus One

...and not much accomplished. I haven't raised the question of eyes again with my husband, and I haven't re-attempted to get in to Typepad. We're going to the country today (so no Blog for a while) -- probably until the end of the week. The weather is very grey, but vernal, and the forecast is wet.

I've nearly finished decreasing to the end of the gusset of the right sleeve of the Fair Isle jacket. I keep checking anxiously, at every colour change -- and there are lots of them -- to make sure that I'm marching in sequence with the other sleeve. It's probably time to relax a bit and trust the balls of yarn to be in order. A mistake or two would be of no great consequence, either.

The striped Koigu waiting for me in Perthshire will be, as ever, a pleasant change. Will the potatoes have started sprouting? Watch this space...

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