Friday, March 25, 2005

Good Friday

We got here.

I've just spent a few minutes wandering around the Blogger website, trying yet again to figure out how to incorporate photographs into text -- instead of having them each as a separate post -- and, having achieved that, how to incorporate more than one at a time. No luck. Perhaps the answer will be to put them on my own website, with HTML code here referring to them there. Meanwhile Blogger has withdrawn the facility to incorporate even one -- I post it, and visit the Blog to ensure that it's there; I go to Blogger and click edit, and it's gone -- just its caption and a useless button.

Today's picture is another from the happy envelope that arrived from Greece this week: Mungo, Archie, and Fergus on their mother's birthday in January, although there don't seem to be enough candles on the cake. Mungo is still (or again) wearing his striped Koigu, although you can't see much of it.

Fair Isle Jacket

I did about an inch last night -- the colour sequence and the decreases and the pattern itself all more or less successfully re-established. Picture soon.

Sweater needed

My winter standby has long been a fisherman's rib number in two shades -- one variegated, one solid -- of Colinette DK. Friendly and cosy. But it pilled dreadfully, and my husband got tired of picking up pills all over the house, and has relegated it to the country. So I need another sweater. I still have an eye on Candace Strick's Merging Colours. ( She's toiling away at the dyepots these days. Even if I were willing to risk the pills again, Colinette has long since given up producing anything in knittable weights like DK -- presumably super-bulky brings in more bucks. Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport might be the answer -- machine-washable, too. I like the look and feel of two-colour brioche stitch (see yesterday's swatch), but it might be too warm.


I'm going to see our GP today to discuss the entire problem, including the possibility of going to Greece in October for the operation itself. There is a super duper hospital in Thessaloniki.  Fergus was born there. It even made a pitch a couple of years ago to have NHS patients referred to it for, precisely, routine operations such as hip- and eye-replacements.

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