Saturday, March 12, 2005

On to the Alpaca

I finished the first jacket sleeve last night, and started the alpaca scarf which I have been asked to knit as a graduation-from-law-school present for my nephew Theo's girlfriend Kristin. I'm doing it in brioche stitch, as per the current issue of VK. Casting on was something of a struggle -- I was doing it very loosely, over two needles, and the whole thing kept dissolving as I subsequently tried to knit the foundation row. But I'm past that difficulty, and this is clearly going to be a just-one-more-row'er. There should be enough for a picture by tomorrow.

I continue to enjoy Mary Morrison's blog, and the links she provides. It's regularly updated, which is a great thing in a blog.


I have been over-kind to myself the last few days, on account of eyes and things, and am determined to toughen up today. Our newspapers have started publishing a puzzle called Su-Doku by which I am obsessed. It is a nine-by-nine grid, with the 81 squares divided internally in the obvious way into nine three-by-three squares. When the puzzle is solved, each row, each column, and each three-by-three square will contain all the digits from 1 to 9. You start off with a few numbers provided. I can usually solve them up through level "difficult", but only very occasionally manage "friendish" or "diabolical", and waste far too much time trying. The next-day solutions are useless. If you get it right, you know it's right; and if you're stuck, you need someone to explain what number to put in next, and why it's got to be there.

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