Sunday, March 06, 2005

Laetare Sunday

After today, we'll revert to pictures of knitting. The Fair Isle jacket sleeve is sizzling along -- I'll have to switch to two circulars today, and start adding the unfortunate colours which I eliminated early on, so that the bottom of the sleeve will echo the bottom of the jacket and make the whole look, I hope, unified.

And while we were away last week, I finished the first of a pair of socks for Thomas the Elder. We will have a picture of that soon, too.

But for today, here are Alexander and Ketki and Jamie (in his Scotland rugby shirt) in their kitchen. It's a wonderful house (we hadn't seen it before), designed by the local laird (who is an architect) for his sister when she married 15 years ago. The marriage failed promptly.

I am about to order The Opinionated Knitter and a couple of other books from Schoolhouse.

Googling about yesterday, I found a good range of fairly fine-gauge alpaca: Blue Sky Alpaca at the Yarn Co. An alpaca sweater would be terribly hot, but still it's tempting. One of the great attractions of knitting, I feel, is the way one's desires are always so much more extensive than the time available between cradle and grave for actually knitting. One solution is multiple-WIPs. I used to do that. But it doesn't really solve the problem.

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