Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter Sunday

Who would have thought they'd change the clocks today? It's a subject I'm usually pretty alert to, clock-changing, but I missed it entirely yesterday, if it was advertised -- didn't catch a mention on the evening television news, for instance, if there was one. Finally got it on the radio this morning. A great greyness has settled over the climate, so morning, noon, and night look much alike.

Above, of course, is the Fair Isle jacket, with its right sleeve started. I took this picture yesterday. The right sleeve is a couple of inches longer this morning, the gusset nearly decreased away. The totality is definately shorter than I would wish -- the whole jacket, I mean, not the sleeve. Rachel is the shortest of our four children, it'll be all right, but I'm cross at myself.

VK surprised me by turning up yesterday. Not without interest, at first glance. I hoped there might be a farewell Venishnick, but I can't find one. Every other designer I've ever heard of is there.


I am sufficiently weary of the picture-and-text problem here that I am considering a move, perhaps to Typepad which Mary Morrison uses. It's a pay service (Blogger is free), but I could afford five bucks a month if it would let me weave text around pictures. But I went to their website just now and tried to sign up for a trial and it kept rejecting my efforts with the message that I hadn't filled in all the required fields. I had certainly filled in every field I could see. I tried three or four times and then gave up. Maybe they're taking the holiday weekend off.


Our GP is all for Thessaloniki for my cataract operation, but my sister is not, for what sound like cogent reasons. My husband had a row with our optician a while ago, and now goes to someone else himself. He has embraced the idea of Greece with great gusto -- I think that's partly why. It would be a relief to me to stay here. No reason we shouldn't go to Greece another time.

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