Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another peaceful day on the knitting front, much ground covered and a certain amount accomplished in other aspects of life. I bought a hat! for the wedding. A plainish, packable cloche. It is astonishing how much you can pay for a hat in John Lewis, and how awful they all look on me. But I’m quite fond of this one, which was quite cheap.

I emailed I Knit about the Jawoll yarn; haven’t heard back. They’re not really a mail-order shop. I’ve found a British source at Artyarn; I’ll go for that and not worry about the dye lot, if need be.

I hope one of today’s accomplishments will be to sort out some yarn for the Child’s Surprise sweater. I have decided to rip out my former effort and start again – the accumulation of camouflage-green is just too gloomy.

(Laying it out for photography just now, I found I couldn't quickly figure out how to do it -- top image. It really is a magical pattern. The picture below was taken back in March or whenever it was.)

I have considered the Annie Modesitt problem back and forth, without getting much of anywhere. I don’t think anything would be accomplished by emailing her – she’d tell me, as she told Helen C.K.S. and the Fishwife, that she’ll teach Combination Knitting in the class called Tips and Tricks. But would she tell me why she changed the listing? – it couldn’t be for pressure from anyone, Tamar, because no one is hosting the Edinburgh classes. She has taken a room at a hotel and is doing it herself.

In the description of her classes on her website, “Tips and Tricks” and “Combination Knitting” are listed and described separately – and both are said to be happening in Edinburgh, although that’s not what the class schedule says.

I continue not to like the sense of sand shifting under my feet. But on the other hand, it would be silly to miss this chance. It comes about 10 days after the Games, when everyone has scattered to the four corners of the globe and one feels rather bereft, on the one hand, and keen to make a fresh start on life, on the other. A good time.


James’s second Tiananmen programme will be broadcast today and several times thereafter. You can listen on-line for the next week by following the link. Rachel says that the first one made it to “Pick of the Week”. British readers will understand.


  1. Yes, I find it a problem to put the Knitting Surprise together after it comes off the needles. I like the knitting process but making time to sew it up is the other problem - 3 of them are in the queue.

  2. I emailed Anne direct. She says it's DEFINATELY (her caps!) Combination Knitting on the Thursday afternoon. Definately. I have booked and paid for it anyway. I am only 95% sure I'm going to be able to atted of course but I'll work on that come the end of August.