Friday, May 29, 2009

Largely non-knit

The weather has suddenly turned summer – it’s hard for a person to be so far from her vegetables in these circumstances. We have a maddening series of small appointments over the next ten days, spaced three or four days apart each time. If this weather goes on, I may have to insist on a mercy dash to Strathardle next week after my husband votes on Thursday and before my eye gets zapped by lasers the following Tuesday. We shall see.

Stacey and Judith, thanks for the thumbs-down on Google ads. I thought that had to be the case, but the word “Google” and the fact that the introductory kit is so cheap, under two pounds, made me wonder. Google should do something about it, if it’s not really them. No doubt they’re trying.

And speaking of thumbs-down, the world of e-readers is moving fast, as I thought it would, a few months back, when I decided on paperbacks rather than a pirated American Kindle for my trip to the wedding. I was right, apparently, that Kindle would come to Europe. It’s promised for Soon.

And now we’ve got, or are about to get, the Cool-er, lighter, cheaper, British, not entirely well reviewed. I clicked through to their on-line bookstore and all the titles seemed rather expensive. Is it compatible with the sites with free books you’ve told me about? Meanwhile I’ve got more books than I could possibly finish in five days piled up beside my passport and ticket. I’ve just added Julian Barnes’ “Nothing to be Frightened Of”, about death.

While we’re not talking about knitting, here’s a computer problem. It happened to me once before, years ago.

As well as my googlemail account, I’ve got one with my ISP, jean at milesandmiles dot etc. i.e., my own domain name. Lately someone somewhere has started sending a lot of emails from rubbishname at milesandmiles etc. to rubbishname@variousdomains. A variety of rubbish names, at both ends. They all bounce back to me, from puzzled postmasters, clogging the mailbox. When this happened before, I consulted Alexander, who said I had a virus. This time, older and wiser, I’m well protected. I made Norton do a full-system scan yesterday and nothing turned up.

Last time, it cooled down and stopped after a few days. Has this happened to anyone else? Must have.

Anyway, knitting

I’m halfway through repeat no. 47 of the Princess top border. I should easily get past the half-century before I lay her aside on Monday. I’m feeling more and more ready for a break, except for the reflection that if I were to be suddenly called to my reward, a nearly-finished Princess in the freezer would be less of a legacy than a done-and-blocked one.


  1. Just managed to pop in to see what's happening in your neck of the woods. Sorry to hear that the days have been so gloomy and the growing season a tad tardy. Would you like some of our sunshine instead? I'm fed up with having someone's paddock sitting on my windowsill. Everytime I wipe it up we seem to have another dust storm (in May, for heaven's sake!!) and another paddock arrives.

    I've introduced Til to the delights of potting and she's enthusiastically trying to excvate the garden all the time now. We have lots of potted jonquils from bulbs we divided earlier this autumn. I know, completely wrong time to dig up and divide but it was necessary for various reasons. They're all coming up so I have good hopes for them. Meanwhile, the in-the-ground ones have just bloomed.

    Sorry, can't say anything intelligent about the email so shall refrain from displaying my ignorance of things 'e' any further.

  2. about the email thing, it's not virus. If it was virus, then it would you sent the people in your address book. If it's rubbish@yousite going to rubbish@othersites, then it's just spam that's picked up your domain, since you have to specify sender. You only get back the rejected emails, errors and replies, you don't see all the ones that hit other people successfully. if you own the site, all the emails going to that site where the sender is unknown is probably hitting the admin account.