Sunday, May 10, 2009

I'm near the end of repeat 16 of the Princess top edging – slightly more than two repeats were knocked off yesterday. I’ve reached the live centre stitches and it’s a great pleasure to be eating them up faster than, at the end, I was adding them – but the photograph is meant to convey some sense of the endlessness to come.

The difficulty of the edging pattern, once the first horror is behind one, makes for compulsive knitting. I’ve now re-mastered – can again knit without reference to the chart – rows 1, 14, 17 and 20. I had a pleasantly empty three-quarters of an hour at the end of the afternoon yesterday, and thought I might sit down with one the DVD’s I recently bought from the Schoolhouse Press. But found, once sat, that I couldn’t bear to do anything except knit edging. Schoolhouse Press videos don’t lend themselves to being watched while one knits.

There has been some interesting correspondence in the Yahoo Heirloom Knitting group in the last 24 hours on the subject of lace grafting, not least a reference by our own Maureen in Fargo to this page in Fleegle’s blog, which I have bookmarked for future use. Had I heard of Fleegle before last week? – when Helen C.K.S. sent me a link to this page. I’ve just told Google Reader to alert me in future.

We had a jolly time at the Christian Aid book sale yesterday. It is a great Edinburgh event – tens of thousands of books, all intelligently sorted, and everybody is there (except that I missed seeing Lindsay). My husband bought a couple of gems at a fraction – as they say – of their antiquarian art historical value because (presumably) they are in Foreign Languages and were so shelved, instead of being offered with art. I got these two patterns from the 50’s, for the archives. Lindsay, for the purposes of this exercise, is a ChristianAid volunteer. She had sorted through hundreds of leaflets, and had spotted these – so they were fairly priced, unlike my husband’s finds.

The weather seems to be settling down a bit. Strathardle?


  1. Happy American Mother's Day Jean. How I would love to have attended that Christian Aid Book Sale.

  2. Congratulations on your finds at the sale - I was there too and had great fun and found loads of bargains.

  3. Thank you, Jean. I have been a faithful lurker of your blog for years. Glad you found me :)

  4. I forgot to add that your Princess is breathtakingly lovely.

  5. Maureen in Fargo1:22 AM

    OK, why do I think it's so cool that I linked to Fleegle's blog on the Yahoo Heirloom Knitting List and you mentioned it and then she commented here?! I'm a dork, I guess...Fleegle's a moderator on the Ravelry Heirloom Knitting group, I know you're a member there, I don't know if you check in regularly...

    Your Princess is looking lovely, it will be done before you know it! Not sure when I'll start mine...

  6. =Tamar4:47 AM

    Ooh, those shawl patterns! What a find. I love book sales, as my groaning floor beams attest.

    I've been reading Fleegle for some time, mainly because she's amusing as well as a knitter.