Friday, May 08, 2009

Goodness, how cheerful and long-ago that Tuesday-morning picture of my poor vegetables looks! I’ve lost most of the French beans, I fear, to the wind (some broken, some burned). So much for hardening-off. I will let everybody stay indoors for the time being. The weather continues pretty grim.

I’m about halfway through Repeat Number Eleven of the Princess’ top edging. I managed quite a few delicious stolen moments yesterday, so I think two repeats is about the best I can hope for as a day’s achievement. (Someone wrote to the Heirloom Knitting list yesterday about how she is knitting the Wedding Ring shawl but also keen to start the Princess so she takes time off to knit two edging repeats a day – that’ll be the initial edging strip, I presume – before resuming the WR. Her knitting time is limited, she says. I can only marvel.)

Cynthia and another knitting-list correspondent both found that they finished edging the first border and embarked on the centre at the mid-point of a repeat. That's convenient, for planning the final end. Will I? We’ll soon know.

When we got back from Strathardle on Monday I found a knitting magazine in the pile of mail behind the door, and eagerly read it over the sandwich lunch we normally have on such days. It said “Knitting” on the cover, so I assumed it was the British magazine of that name, and turned over the pages with increasing excitement – Knitting has really got its act together at last, thank goodness I continued my subscription…

At some point I turned back to the cover and found that it was “Designer (in small print) Knitting” – the new British name of VK. A pretty good issue, I thought, especially considering that it’s summer. I doubt if there’s anything I’ll knit, although the Botanica Medallion looks terrific fun; Kristin Ohmdahl’s duster is just what I want for the picnic breakfast on the beach scheduled as part of the wedding fun in July – only it’s crocheted, so no; and several other things amuse and tempt.

It’s nice to see Leigh Witchel writing, too. He was my first great internet love – me and a thousand others – back in the glory days of the Knitlist, in the ‘90’s. And I’m proud to say that when he and Franklin met, a while ago, they spoke – at least briefly – of me.


  1. The repair of the moth hole is well done. When looking at the photo of the repair, I couldn't tell where the hole had been.

    Oh, if only you could be at the UK Ravelry. It looks like it will be a fantastic event.

    I see your Lovefilm is like Netflix here. Three things I appreciate about such a service:

    (1) there a much larger selection than any video rental store has, especially for documentaries and foreign films;

    (2) the ability to watch TV series I've missed - and all without commercials and in the order the episodes were made. We became intrigued by "West Wing" well after the 4th season or so - so we've watched that from beginning to end. Now I'm making my way through the "Rumpole of the Bailey" series; and

    (3) We're no longer paying large sums of money on late fees. Really, the monthly charge for this service is a bargain compared to the late fees at the video rental place.

  2. I remember Leigh Witchell from r.c.t.y. He was with a ballet troupe then, iirc.

  3. =Tamar7:50 AM

    Barnes & Noble in MD is carrying British knitting magazines lately; I bought one issue of Knitting, mainly for an article on felting. They may be getting better even though the one you were reading was really VK.

    The repair of the hole looks perfect to me.