Sunday, May 17, 2009

Halfway through 33 – only 1 ½ repeats of the Princess top edging achieved yesterday. I should, however, be able to manage before we decamp for Strathardle on Tuesday a picture in which both edging and the central panel with the lettering on it, appear in the same frame.

Miscellaneous, again

I keep forgetting to say – and now it’s almost too late – that there is an extraordinary accumulation of old Vogue Knitting Books on offer at I’ve been perfecting my collection for three years now, and have never seen anything like this. I am sure I could have formed my collection much more cheaply today: the deadline is just after 5 p.m. The sheer quantity is going to keep the individual prices down. There are no fewer than five wartime ones: she lists 23 and 24 as “post war” but they’re not, they’re autumn, 1943 and spring, 1944. Non-experts very often think VKB’s of later date than they actually are.

They all look to be in very sprightly condition. She photographs them face down so that you can see both covers, which makes me want to scream (because of the danger to the spines).

Raveller, thank you very, very much for the offer of the Einband. I intended more to express extravagant admiration for it, than seriously to ask you to shoot it off to a stranger in the post. It looks just the thing to wear with my kurta to protect me from American air conditioning at the rehearsal dinner. But that potentially leaves the problem of being too hot in a tent in my lined dress and lined linen coat the next day. We can talk about this nearer the time.

Meg, the pattern my granddaughter is wearing in the picture I provided a link to yesterday is called Harmony, by Candace Eisner Strick. It was my Games entry the last time “child’s cardigan” came up, and it didn’t win anything. My claque thought I wuz robbed, but I agreed with the judges. Garter stitch is very demanding, and I think there were also faults in my alignment of the mitres. My friends were admiring the pattern rather than the execution.

I bought it as a kit somewhere, can’t remember where. Directly from Candace, perhaps. She doesn’t do retail any more, and there’s no sign of Harmony on her website. She has been a friend since I took a class on Bavarian Travelling Stitch from her at Camp Stitches on Lake George in ’99, oh happy memory. I emailed her this morning to ask whether Harmony can still be had. I’ll let you know. The yarns that comprised my kit were Louet Gems Merino, I think.

No yarn in the post yesterday, but things look brighter on the washing machine front. On Friday afternoon I kept getting the answering machine, and thought he was deliberately not answering when he saw that a call came from me. But I tried yesterday, and to my surprise he did answer, and says he has the missing part and will be here tomorrow.

I want the yarn to start a pair of socks for by husband to knit (initially) when we go to lunch with his sister tomorrow. He says it is bad manners to knit in such circumstances, but I shall disregard his feelings. I shall have to use some other yarn. Goodness knows, I have plenty.

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  1. Thanks so much for checking on said pattern for me. I am very interested in knitting one for a friends daughter and truly liked the look of it. I will wait with baited breath to hear ...