Saturday, May 30, 2009

The plague of crazy bounced emails has diminished to manageable proportions – only two this morning. There were dozens on Thursday afternoon and evening, and I went to bed leaving the computer on and Norton grinding away with a full system scan. It reported (as it usually does) finding and removing one low-risk tracker cookie. Whether relief is propter or only post the scan, I am grateful for it.

The Princess

I’m half-way through Repeat No 50 of the top border.

I had a thoughtful message yesterday from a fellow Princess-knitter and blog-reader. (She has finished hers, although it remains unblocked.) (We hope to meet in CT in July!) She suggested keeping the Princess out of the freezer, and working on her for half-an-hour a day. She thought I could finish a repeat in that time.

I am a slow and clumsy knitter – half-an-hour would be closer to half-a-repeat, for me. But I think the idea has legs. I like to knit for a while first thing in the morning, before even coffee and making porridge and writing the blog entry. It’s a particularly good time for lace knitting, no television, no conversation, no tired.

And it would be a shame to put the Princess aside now, so very near the end. And a great shame to risk losing my current precarious grasp of the edging pattern. It’s quicker and much pleasanter, as you can imagine, to knit without constant peering at the chart. It took me a full 40 plus repeats to learn it this time, just as it did four years ago when I was starting out with the lower edging. So I couldn’t count on retaining it over a gap of months.

So I’ll try that, and see how it goes. Maybe I could even get up a bit earlier.


Is there anywhere that Piecework can be had in the UK? I’d like to see the current lace issue, and it’s undoubtedly an interesting mag, but I perhaps don’t want another subscription. My shelves are already groaning, it being against all my principles to throw away a knitting magazine or pattern.


  1. Some branches of Borders stock Piecework rather intermittently.

    Otherwise, Fibrecrafts sell individual issues, and have the Lace one here:

  2. Oh Jean, if you are a "I am a slow and clumsy knitter ",I might as well throw in the towel! Every day I sit and read in amazement the progress you are making on your shawl.

  3. If you can't find it, I'd be glad to pick up send you a copy of the new lace issue, since we have them at the shop and I teach on Monday. You might wait until the wedding, but sometimes it sells out. I haven't subscribed myself, I got rid of tons of older mags recently, and would prefer to only purchase one that I think has staying power.

  4. You can order single copies of PIECEWORK from the Interweave website.