Saturday, May 09, 2009

Rather a good day yesterday.

-- I’m nearly half-way through repeat No. 14 of the Princess top edging – that’s nearly three repeats for yesterday, better than I thought possible. Today should see the first border edge finished, and the trackless wastes of the centre embarked upon. I’m not going to finish edging the border neatly half-way through a repeat, like Cynthia and like Miriam in South Indiana, but at least I will have learned from them to make a careful note of where I do finish.

-- The vegetables appear grateful for a day indoors out of the wind. Losses may not have been as heavy as I thought.

-- I had a dr’s appt to discuss my raised cholesterol, as notified by the Eye Pavilion last week. Pleasant enough, no conclusion. He took some blood to see whether my recent admirable life-style might have lowered cholesterol on its own. I’ve now lost about 10 pounds, although you still wouldn’t know it to look at me. The original test was back in November.

-- That left me free in the early afternoon, so I went back to East determined to find something for the Rehearsal Dinner and fortified with some sober reflections. It is no use, to begin with, just looking at nice clothes on a computer screen and then on a rack in a shop. I’ve got to anticipate looking at them in a mirror, on me. And secondly, I must eschew any effect that draws a horizontal line across the middle, such as tucking a shirt into a waistband. Obvious, really.

I wound up with what I think is called a kurta. My dear, it has sequins on it. I love it. I even tried it with loose black trousers, but I thought it looked better with my own bought-recently-to-wear-to-CT skirt, which I had had the presence of mind to wear yesterday for its first outing.

And today is the Christian Aid Book Sale – although my inside information is that there is nothing terribly interesting on the knitting front.

Miriam in South Indiana is approaching the absolute end of her Princess, and has posted a most interesting contribution to the Yahoo Heirloom Knitting group about lace grafting. (The top edging has to be attached somehow to the beginning of the edging.) I will watch attentively for further contributions.

I can’t post a picture of my top edging because the camera needs its battery charged, so here is a picture which arrived yesterday of Alistair Miles of Beijing playing in a house football match at school.

Alistair is the eldest of the second wave of my grandchildren, Rachel's four having constituted the first wave. The Beijing Mileses weren't at the Games last year -- they were at something going on in China called the "Olympics" -- so he doesn't appear in the Grandchildren picture in my sidebar.

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