Monday, January 09, 2012

And here we are. Helen and her family are safely back in Athens, much missed. The tales she and David tell of Greek life sound like a society in terminal decline – professional salaries unpaid, addicts lying about in the streets injecting themselves in full view. Everyone in a position to do so is making plans to leave.

Mungo solved my computer problem – we didn’t need to wait for Archie. Right-click on the top margin of the Google Chrome window and choose “maximize” from the drop-down menu. When it comes to right-clicking, I’m still in the second millennium. You got it, FiberQat.


I should polish off the toe of the first anthracite sock today. It would probably be a good idea to Kitchener it and try it on, as last time (when I had to take back the whole foot). I am beginning to think of What Next? I have some more KF random-striped yarn in a colourway called Moor. One possibility would be to forge ahead and knit my husband another pair of socks, in that. His sock drawer would then be in a state to last for a good while, and I love this yarn.

He wants me to knit a plain-vanilla sleeveless vest to replace one which has been worn to death. I had been thinking madelinetosh “kale” but he says he wants the same colour as before. That would be “bark”, more or less, but Jimmy Bean is out of it. I’ll enjoy thinking about that one.

And I’m having a nice time with my sky scarf. You’re right about the problem of the ends, FiberQat. The designer seems to have limited herself to six colours and demonstrates in her video how to loop them up the side, but I’ve got my whole ex-Fair-Isle stash and can’t bear to impose limitations. It’s a lot of fun looking at the sky and choosing yarn for it. Helen has suggested that I stick to the same time each day, a good idea, I think.

Potential for anxiety, however. I am doing my looking between eight and eight:thirty -- there is no way that I have thought of to represent that magical dawn opalescence in yarn. I have to keep reminding myself that neither the Knit Police nor the Meteorological Office are going to object to my decisions.

Here is a picture of James and Alistair in Beijing, James in the big scarf of Rowan Cocoon I knit him for Christmas ’10.

We had another present-opening session on Saturday. Here is Fergus in his beanie.

And here – no knitting content – is Archie with the iPad.  


  1. Re the sky scarf and the ends - could you spit-splice the the yarns? I think it would only add to the general effect to have the colour changing half way across the row and they are likely to be harmonious. And if you are using wool it would definitely work.

  2. Thank you again for mentioning the Sky Scarf in your last post. I knew the minute I clicked on the link that this was The Project I needed for 2012. I turn 55 in February and wanted to do something to mark the occasion. Starting this scarf on my birthday will be perfect!

    I wonder about the ends too. In reading through the comments on the Ravelry group it seems some knitters are weaving the ends as they go. I think that would make it a much more manageable project. The thought of numerous skeins tangled around each other does not sound appealing.

    What is happening in Greece is frightening. Scarier still is the thought that Greece might not be the only country reduced to this state. Is your daughter making plans to leave the country? There must come a point where they have to worry about their safety.