Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow showers forecast, adding to anxiety. But I think we’re going to attempt Strathardle anyway. If we live to tell the tale, I should be back here at the weekend. Here in Edinburgh, this morning, it is warm, for January, and damp. Today’s stripe in the Sky Scarf is grey again. The scarf so far, indeed, is a rather pleasant study in greys. Blue scarcely figures.

I finished the anthracite socks, polishing off the last few stitches, the Kitchener’ing and the tidying, during this morning’s osteoporosis half-hour. So at least I will have one evening with “moor” when we get back.

You have persuaded me to keep the income tax rebate for something other than Vintage Knits. And Roobeedoo, your blog entry has sent me off on a quest for Knit Now magazine. I was thinking just yesterday how it is the knitted accessories (hats, mitts, scarves, socks) that get used the most – but I didn’t know there was a whole magazine devoted to them.

I don’t always buy books with much expectation of actually knitting from them. Sometimes it is just a vague thought of enhancing my “library”. But there is no doubt that the ones which actually get used are the ones which become part of the family. It was particularly nice, knitting those Christmas tree baubles, to add Arne & Carlos to the party. And a significant part of the pleasure of knitting the Grandson Sweater in ’10 was moving Susanne Pagoldh’s “Nordic Knitting”, which I have long enjoyed, into the “used” category.

What are the books I use, or have used?

Off the top of my head:

Mary Thomas, Barbara Walker, Vicki Square’s book of schematics for basic shapes [there are other such books that would do as well, I think], the Zimmermanns, mother & daughter; Kaffe; Sheila McGregor, Gladys Thompson, Beth Brown-Reinsel, Margaret Stove, Sharon Miller, Gladys Amedro, Lynne Barr. Quite a few, in fact, and I must have missed out several.  I’m pretty sure I’ve never knit a Starmore or a Debbie Bliss, although they occupy quite a bit of shelf space between them.

And I realise that’s not true, as soon as written. My failed entry in last year’s Games, “Aran sweater, any size” is Starmore-based.

And then there are the books of techniques I might get around to – double knitting, brioche knitting, shadow knitting.  I have had “Knit Swirl” down from the shelf the last few days, trying to think ahead to the day when I finally tackle a big Koigu project. It would be hard work to adapt one of those to Koigu, but probably worth the effort.


  1. I second the recommendation for Knit Now magazine. I have subscribed and love the fact that realistically you could tackle a number of projects from each magazine before the next issue arrives.
    The patterns are interesting and I feel the magazine has much more of a link to the online knitting community than the other offerings in the shops. For example, there is a good article and pattern from Wooly Wormhead in the current issue.

  2. No Nancy Bush on your book list?

  3. Thanks to you I have become re-acquainted with with one of my oldest knitting friends, Mr. Odham. I recently received the copy I ordered long before Christmas and just seeing the illustrations brought back those struggling beginnings and excitement. I'm happy to put him on my shelf. But not yet, he's still on the table in the living room for quick pick-me-ups. Safe travels.

  4. You are always missed when you're away. Travel safely.

  5. Donice7:38 PM

    So interesting to read this post today, having just finished a small purge of knitting books last night. Each night I took one of the doubtful books to bed to peruse before sleeping, to see if there was anything I might ever want to knit.
    It was a great exercise, because I revisited some books that really do have interest and made the cut. Some of the books going out the door are from the days that XRX was publishing like mad.
    One thing I noticed was that I have lots of Fair Isle books, both historical and instructional, but only knit stranded work occasionally. Still, I will retire before long, and then!!

  6. Hope the snow stays away!
    I hope I haven't over-hyped Knit Now... there are some non-patterns in there too (a strip of garter stitch with the ends turned up becomes a scarf with pockets - who knew?!)