Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Well, the tax is filed, and so large a refund promised that for a while I wondered if I had done something wrong. I think it’s OK – income was pretty flat-line for that year, but for some reason they deducted a lot more tax than previously.  Last year was the first time I left the job as late as January, as most of the population apparently does. Getting it done then gave me such a lift into the new year that I sort of drifted in to doing it late again. No lift this time, at least, not yet.

We’re planning to go to Strathardle tomorrow, for the first time in quite a while. Both are apprehensive, fearing our frailty. But the forecasts are pretty good (=no snow) and we’re not afraid of cold. It’s time to try. If we have water and power, we can manage. And if we don’t, we can turn around and come back.

It will be good to be reunited with the Japanese shirt. It’s got one buttonhole so far. I hope I can remember how I did it.

Thinking of the shirt, and Stella’s kindness in writing the pattern for me, reminds me that there is a not-uninteresting article in the current Knitting magazine about the craft of pattern-writing. Am I slightly horrified to learn that some designers not only don’t knit what they design, but don’t even have time to write the patterns?

I shall have to take the Sky Scarf along to the country. The designer doesn’t mention that aspect of things – but few us will spend all 366 days of 2012 (it’s Leap Year) under the same sky. A dull, uniform grey this morning, with the faintest hint of pink.

The socks are within two evenings of completion. My current plan is to start the next pair, KF’s random stripes in “Moor”, and get the slight tedium of the deep ribbing out of the way, before relegating socks to their normal role of travel-and-waiting and starting the sleeveless vest my husband wants. Which depends on the arrival of the Jimmy Bean package, but I’m sure it won’t be long. Or if the Moor socks are utterly wonderful, and my husband likes the effect, I might just carry on -- that would take care of his sock drawer for a good long time.


Fizz, it’s grand to have you blogging again, and the Norwegian hat is beyond cute. So is the daughter.

Catmum and KateCrafts, many thanks for the list of podcasts. I hope to get started during the long winter evenings in Strathardle (with no television and no newspapers).

Should I spend the income tax refund – I feel I’ve earned it – on Vintage Knits?


  1. Should you spend your tax refund on Stitch in Time Volume 2? Check these pictures first:
    Personally, I love looking at the book but realistically will only ever knit / wear perhaps 3 or 4 of the items. At £35 for the book, I am not sure I made a wise choice in buying it.

  2. I agree about A stitch in time vol 2. I prefer volume 1 and think there is more in Vol 1 for me but vol 2 is pretty to look at but expensive! It might be worth searching for some of the older Jane Waller books for if you ever see them they are worth reading. I also like her book "Knitting fashion of the 1940's" ISBN 1861268629 though some have given it bad reviews I think it is good. Another good vintage book still available for reasonable prices is "Knitting Nostalgia" by Jago and Evans.

  3. The Moor yarn is just as wonderful as the Anthracite - a bit brighter, but overall, wonderful/ Enjoy knitting them. You might push me to finish mine, but I've had a new Granddaughter and am knitting tiny things for her!

  4. Another vote here for skipping spending the rebate on A stitch in time ... but definitely spend it on something knit related, what else are tax rebates for!