Thursday, January 26, 2012

We enjoyed our haggis, yes, thank you, Kristie. One gets used to it.

I have been having connectivity problems this morning. BT Broadband Desktop Help  popped up of its own accord and sorted the problem, whatever it was, by re-starting the router. But things remain very sluggish. 

I’m still decreasing gusset stitches on the Outre sock, and have started Oliver’ing. Thanks for the colour-names of the KF "random stripes" range, MetroRebecca (comment yesterday). The one I want next is “Sizzle”, a sizzling red. But three pairs of socks, at least, after the Outre, stand between me and that goal.

I tracked the Jimmy Bean package. It’s been in Britain for a whole week. The latest note, yesterday morning, says “Payment of charges – item being held, addressee being notified”. So I should hear from it today, I would hope.

I have decided to do a st st stripe for the Sky Scarf on the last day of each month, to mark the passage of time and the seasons. Maybe on the first day of the next month, as well. I like the way it's looking. The secret, I suspect, is a big stash of greys and blues. Pic soon.

I was going to share some tidbits from Zite, but the link process is so slow this morning that I may have to leave it and go eat my porridge.

        -- A cleaner at Paignton Zoo has knitted the gardeners, one by one.

-- Knitters are being urged to knit cushions, using British wool, to be presented to Olympic athletes as souvenirs. I won’t bother with the link. I hope all British readers have seen the brilliant BBC series “Twenty Twelve”. It’s a mock documentary about planning for the Olympics, currently being rebroadcast on BBC Four on Wednesdays and we’re enjoying it every bit as much as we did the first time. This sounds like an idea straight out of one of their brainstorming sessions.

-- The “Swiss Cheese Scarf”, free on Ravelry, looks fun. It’s rather like that VK one I knit last year. I gather from theraineysisters that this one is done with a myriad of one-row buttonholes. I felt myself a bit shaky on that front when I was putting the second one into the Japanese shirt in Strathardle last week. This scarf would certainly allow one to perfect the technique. It looks terrific in its Kauni yarn, too.

-- I subscribe to Knitting Daily which is mostly Interweave trying to sell me things. I am mildly interested in “Sockupied” and may have a look at the latest one when they perfect it for the iPad. At the moment they say it’s available, but I can’t find it in the App store.

This is a funny one: Becca seems to think – she can’t be serious – that the trouble with learning to knit is that one soon has too many sweaters. And that the solution might be miniature knitting. Whatever – the miniature sweater shown is breathtaking.


  1. Anonymous12:31 PM


    I greatly enjoyed the program about the NOCOG games (on Australian ABC). These were the “Not the Organising Committee of the Games" games, arranged at the time of the Sydney Olympic Games as a fund raiser for the Flying doctor Service in Far North Queensland.

    The SOCOG was very serious and stern. NOCOG was very relaxed, encouraging people to join in with such games as "sitting on the beach watching the sun go down", which can be done by anyone, at any time.

    The reporter obviously could not believe his luck at being given such an assignment.

    Unfortunately I cannot find where to see it again.


  2. I am glad you enjoyed your haggis. For the first time since reading your blog I am sorry to say I must disagree with something you have said. I don't think "one gets used to it" is accurate. I love Scotland dearly, and even have Scottish ancestors, but never in a thousand years could I get used to eating haggis. You are an American of unusual character to be able to swallow the stuff. :-)

  3. If Anthracite is outre' I look forward to the adjective for Sizzle.

  4. Thanks for giving us tidbits from Zite. I don't own an IPad (yet), and enjoy the bits you are posting.

  5. I've never had haggis and am not sure what goes into the stuffing in the sheep's stomach. But I'm reminded of the stuffed pig's stomach I enjoyed at a music festival in Pennsylvania. The stuffing was chopped bits of pork, onion, celery, potato, etc. which was stuff in the pig's stomach and baked. It was quite tasty. Is haggis anything like that?

  6. Hi Jean, I checked the big shops (Tesco/WHSmith) when ''Knit Now'' came out, without success. My local papershop got it for me without any trouble. Just looked thru' Issue#4 and subscription phone number is:
    0844 561 1203
    Online:, hope this helps

  7. Anonymous8:11 AM

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  8. GrannyPurple12:17 PM

    I just succumbed to the newest Sockupied, since the price has gone down dramatically. It's a gorgeous layout, and definitely worth $4.99, although it took a very long time to download. While I was at it, I got two other issues as well. Lots to read and watch, and all the patterns are pdf so they should print off easily (for those of us without iPads...)