Monday, January 30, 2012

Another plain-vanilla Monday. Too much to do, but at least there’s some hope of getting some of it done.

I will be very interested to hear what you think of the new VK, Mary Lou. You’ve got a different cover – our model is standing up straight, hands on hips, in No. 15 whereas yours is huddling cosily in No. 8, but that shouldn’t make much difference.

Here is the first Outre sock, and the beginnings of the second. Note the anthracite toe. 

My husband has now started saying that legs knit on 72 stitches are too big. I always used to do 64 for him, until the time when he couldn’t get a pair of them on. Maybe his feet have shrunk back down. Maybe that too-small pair was because of unexpectedly fine yarn. I’ll try 68 next time, although that means an odd number, 17, on each of the four needles. That never works quite as well.

He was talking about the Anthracite socks, which haven't been washed yet. That may pull them in a bit.

And here is the sky scarf, minus today’s stripe. I’ll get a better picture of it soon. 

One of the happy aspects of this fairly absurd project, is the interest afforded by standing on the doorstep every morning and taking the sighting. I was a bit late getting out there this morning. Perhaps for that reason, the sky was Raphael:


  1. when I have odd-numbered stitches on dpn, I usually put 16/18/16/18 on the needles and change for heels etc. when I need the numbers evened out again... you could of course knit on two circulars - and with 34 on each:)

  2. I do as Wooly Bits does, but I prefer DPN for socks.

  3. Lovely description of your morning!

  4. Gerri3:24 PM

    I like having absurd projects that I create to balance the ones that life tosses my way. I think it helps to keep one's humor muscles in shape.

    Third vote on 16-18-16 but I do use DPNs.

  5. I imagine that as we move into the summer and the days are longer much of the middle section of your scarf will be blue, well I hope it will be anyway!

  6. =Tamar5:22 AM

    I like the idea of using Raphael as a backup for the morning's sky.