Saturday, January 14, 2012

What a satisfactory object a sock is! Just the right size, scarcely any finishing needed (especially for one like me who loves grafting), always welcome. I often suspect my loved ones of getting their hand knits out specially when I’m around, and if so it’s sweet of them, but socks get worn out. I know because sometimes they come home to Mummy for darning.

I’m in mid-heel flap of the second anthracite sock at the moment.

A nearly-uniform dull grey for the Sky Scarf today. Now that I’m a couple of inches into the project, the overall effect is becoming more pleasant by the day. And I look forward keenly to the season when we start getting some blues involved. 

I bought Carol Feller’s “Spoked Cardigan” pattern from Interweave yesterday – yet another sideways cardigan for my Koigu stash, although top of the Ideas List on that front remains something from Knit Swirl. I’m reading a lot just now about the Vogue knitting jamboree in NYC, and saw a pic somewhere in the process, of a Knit Swirl jacket. Yes!

Never such a year for a superabundance of projects. And there will be something, still unknown, to knit for the Games. It’s enough to make me entertain the hope that Scotland doesn’t win the Calcutta Cup.


I can’t prove this, but it’s true.

Yesterday my husband wanted to go to Marks and Spencer to get himself some grey flannel trousers in the sale. In the event, there was no sale and they didn’t have any grey flannel trousers, but that’s not the story.

There used to be two if not three branches of M&S on Princes Street and we disagreed about which one survived. So I Google’d it and found a Google map which clearly showed M&S on Leith Street at the foot of Carlton Hill, opposite the St James’s Centre, perhaps as much as half a mile from the real M&S. But I can’t prove it, because I Google’d again just now and it has been restored to its real location.

We saw a wonderful evening sky from the bus on the way home. Perhaps after I finish the present scarf, I could start another with sightings taken in the late afternoon.

I had a tough time with the Income Tax yesterday. It all went swimmingly on Thursday, but yesterday I ran into some missing vouchers, if that isn’t too much of an oxymoron, and had to reconstruct events from bank statements. I think I’m still on target to file on-line on Monday leaving the rest of the week for Strathardle. I am encouraged to read in American blogs that winter is easy, so far, on the east coast. Weather often travels west to east across the Atlantic.


  1. rosesmama1:02 PM

    Winter is, indeed, easy in the mid-Atlantic. Children, who have short memories, are complaining that there is no snow, as they remember the blizzards of the past few years, but forget the dry grey winters of their toddlerhoods. I can't complain. I'm hoping for daffodils by late February, and a slow Spring in which a lot of gardening occurs.

    You have intrigued me with your sky scarf. I may have to start collecting yarn for one.

  2. Robin2:21 PM

    You may enjoy She is starting a project of photographing the sky each day AND will begin knitting a scarf based on what she sees

  3. Robin2:22 PM

    Oops. Blog is

  4. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Winter is indeed mild in the mid-Atlantic. We are shocked to have a night of freezing last night. But unlike rosesmama, I have no trust that we shall slide into spring so easy. My husband and I feel the seasons have shifted by nearly a month in the past 30 years- so winter may yet show up late to the party and be a real downer.
    I find that Google maps thinks that an answer will do, any answer. It doesn’t need to be right. It's great fun to look at the app on the iPad and watch my house move up to three blocks as I watch it. I don't really trust their maps anymore, having gotten stranded in a couple of iffy locations on business trips with their maps.

  5. GrannyPurple3:15 PM

    As I have just cast on sock#1 of the 3rd pair promised for local grandchildren, I heartily agree with you on how satisfying they are to knit. Whether plain vanilla pattern, or lacy (this pair is for my granddaughter, so I feel some lace will differ it nicely from her brothers') it's such fun watching the progress. When you knit for 2 hours, there IS a difference in the length (unlike some sweaters I have known and knit.)