Monday, January 23, 2012

It seems a long time since we have had a Plain Vanilla Day-day around here, but now one looms. No extra people (dear as they are), no income tax, no piercing cold, no snow to fear. Just Monday. Very welcome.

And a Monday that begins with good news – Joan Schrouder emailed me to say she is going to be teaching on this cruise and will have a day free in Edinburgh in June. (Trouble is, I have archived her note before noting the date – and now I can’t figure out how to retrieve archived items in googlemail.) This may be the same cruise and the same free day on which I failed to meet Myrna Stahman last year.

Joan and I met when I did a three-day shawl course with her at Camp Stitches on the shores of Lake George in what must have been 2000 – a day each on Shetland shawls, Faroese, and Orenburg. It would be wonderful to see her again. Her husband will be along – they have never been to Europe before.

(Ahah! I haven’t found the archives, but Joan’s note and my reply are there in Sent Mail.)

Sky Scarf

Skeindalous, I don’t think the Sky Scarf needs any transition to the colours of Friday morning. I was able to use scraps that I had dyed myself of Strathardle lichens during my Lichen Phase, and I used three yarns in that day’s bump, as I have done before. A sky-colour back and forth, teamed with russet in one direction and red in the other.

The three bumps since, here in Edinburgh, have been dullsville itself. (Fancy! The spell check accepts that word!) Are morning skies better in the country?

I get a new percentage point tomorrow.

Moor socks

I finished the ribbing of the first sock, as hoped, and am steaming down the leg. I showed it to my husband, who was taken aback. “A bit outrĂ©.”  (The system put the accent on for me.) He cheered himself with the thought that the socks will be almost entirely concealed by trouser and shoe, and I am going ahead. It will be interesting to see how often they get chosen from the drawer.

I have pretty well decided to press on and finish. The package from Jimmy Bean with the yarn for the sleeveless vest should arrive this week, heralded no doubt by a card from H.M. Customs & Excise about how much I have to pay. But it can wait for a fortnight.

That will leave Van Gogh and Hundertwasser and a bonny skein that Kristie gave me before I am back to where I was last summer, sock-yarn-wise.


I am a bit disconcerted by the South Carolina primary result. Me and a lot of other people. I don’t think President Romney would be an entirely bad idea – how long since we’ve had a businessman? Truman? But President Gingrich would be truly terrifying.


  1. There is a lot about the US primaries in our media - almost as much as there would be for an Australian election (if we did them that way). What I find so frightening is the amount of money they spend on trying to get elected.
    Are you thinking that President Obama will not get a second term? There are varying views about that here.

  2. rosesmama11:39 AM

    Um, I think W was supposed to have been a businessman . . . as hard as it is to wrap one's mind about that . . .

  3. I'm somewhat dismayed that Gingrich has gained leverage. I didn't care for Romney when he was our state/commonwealth gov (I'm in MA), but his financial acumen may be what our country needs moving forward.... I'm so tired of the focus on religion and who's more Christian; I simply wish to elect someone who knows what he's doing. I could care less where, how, and who they worship as long as they lead well. But that's just common sense in a field of madness. ;-)

  4. I think it must be the most difficult job there is, to be president in that country! try as you might, you'll never please more than half the country. you might go in with the best intentions, but the other half always tries to hinder you in everything you try to do. I hate politicians, who are in opposition to the ruling party/person, no matter how sensible the new laws would be! this is probably partly true for most countries, but I always feel as if it's especially difficult in the US?
    anyway - knitwise you infected me with van Gogh yarns! and in contrast to your husband I like all the blues:))

  5. Stahman
    dba Rocking Chair PressEmail:
    2814 Tartan Place
    Boise, ID 83702-1429

    Perhaps you could email Myrna to coordinate a visit.

  6. Maureen In Fargo3:07 PM

    I hope you can get together with Joan when she's there in June, I love her! I've taken a couple of classes from her, at Stitches MW and at YarnOver in Minneapolis which is where I saw her last. That was last April, we sat together for dinner and had a fun time as always!

    I don't even want to think about the possibility of Gingrich as President.......of course, the way our government is so uncompromising these days it won't matter who's President, nothing will get done anyway.....

  7. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Jean ... I clicked on the cruise 'item' in your email and discovered by scrolling and clicking that the Cruise will be docked at South Queensgate on June 14 and Joan S will be at YOUR LYS - K1Yarns
    Am surprised that this comment is not appearing in green ... I'm sooo envious!

  8. Sarah JS7:27 PM

    Glad you found the info you needed in the Sent Mail. You could also click on "All Mail" or do a search for Joan's name -- the search will include all your gmail.

    Glad your week started so well.