Friday, November 08, 2013

Yesterday on the supermarket run, I made a loop to the relatively smallish Marks and Spencer in the Craigleith shopping centre. At least, I think it’s called Craigleith. There were no chocolate Brussels sprouts there, either. Then when I got home I found your comment, Foggy Knitter, and ordered some from Britstore. Many thanks.

I wonder why Google couldn’t find that site for me? They don’t often fail. I put the word "Brussels" in my search, and the site just calls them "sprouts" -- but that shouldn't stop Google. I searched both with and without "Marks and Spencer".

 I’m sorry to hear about your insomnia. I usually sleep as soon as head hits pillow, but had a bad night last night and then (of course) woke up late this morning. You have all my sympathy.


I got the Silly Christmas Project assembled – at the point where the pieces needed to fit together, they fit. I feel quite encouraged. I picked up the necessary 30 stitches for the 7th piece, but the process was a bit of a struggle and I didn’t get very far with knitting it. There are worse struggles to come.

And I did three rounds of Rams & Yowes and have now finished the third rank of rams and am embarking on the diamond pattern in the middle of the blankie after which the rams are repeated upside down. Nearly halfway, therefore.

And there is only one more underarm increase to do on the Milano/Relax3, so that was a good evening all round.

Not Exactly Knit

I have had a message from someone at Homecrafts to say that I have been listed among the Top 50 Craft Blogs for 2013. They have sent a link which will allow me to paste a badge into my sidebar if I apply myself. I am wary of such honours – will I be asked for £50 to have my name included on the Roll of Honour? But that’s a curmudgeonly response – thank you to anyone who nominated me.

Not knit at all

This from Meg W, on Facebook.

If you lift your right foot from the floor, right now, as you sit at the computer, and start rotating it in a clockwise direction, and then draw the number 6 in the air with your right hand, your foot will change direction. Does this work for left-handed people? I tried it with left hand and foot. The foot just seemed to get confused.


  1. Anonymous12:50 PM

    I didn't even have to draw the 6. Just thinking about it confused my foot. Then I tried it with other numbers-same thing happened. Left foot unaffcted in either direction. I'm right-handed.

    I wonder if this is why I need so many stitch markers when I'm knitting lace....

    Beverly in NJ

  2. It worked on the right foot, not the left, but when I drew a O, thinking I had to move my hand opposite from the foot, my left foot went opposite. Fascinating.

  3. Well, as a very strong right hander with a slight motor control issue (it took me 6 months of daily practice to manage to snap my fingers on the right hand and 20+ years later, I still can't reliably snap left-handed), I was unable to draw a 6 while my left foot was going clockwise. Backwards 6 was all I could manage.
    Google might have had issues with Brussels sprouts vs sprouts because it's looking for all 3 words with equal importance and does not realize that Brussels is nowhere near as important a keyword as chocolate or sprouts. Of course, when I say sprouts I mean bean sprouts (the kind you eat on top of salads and sandwiches), not Brussels sprouts, so is that (sprouts=Brussels sprouts)a British thing?