Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Computer problems continue to press – especially those constant messages from McAfee saying “Potentially Unwanted Program Blocked”. They come in every few seconds, and I have to click twice to make each one go away. The “unwanted program” is called PUP-FOP and I am gloomily certain that it will go on persecuting me forever. I can't find a way to make McAfee deal with it automatically.

Son-in-law David suggested yesterday that I get a MacBook and let Apple deal with all that sort of thing. I am sorely tempted. Alexander went over to the Other Side some years ago. I have emailed him to ask how it works, in terms of communicating with the outside world. I need to be able to mediate between my husband and the printer and the cloud. It would be expensive, but then, we don't go on cruises. Our niece needs a new computer. She could have this one, and take it to a Man who might be able to clean it up. If not, she'd be no worse off than at present.

Of course, I could take it to a man...

It was nice to see David and Mungo. They have now gone off to Glenalmond School, and will have spent last night in Strathardle. David will be back, alone, late today. He'll take Archie out to supper before coming back here. Then back to Greece, early tomorrow.

So, not much knitting. I have sort of lost count of how many rounds I have been achieving day by day. Not many. I should, however, reach the ninth and final stripe on the outward course today. Things always go faster when you're headed for home – as on our walk, last Saturday. And stitch numbers will start to diminish. Each stripes adds 16, at present, and they will be removed at the same rate on the way back.The corners are still reluctant to be pushed along. I wonder if that will get a bit easier. A 120cm needle is the right length. Rather like Goldilocks: 150 was too many, 100 too few. 

The iPad doesn't seem to want to connect this morning, so I can't tell you about Zite. Even Apple has its limitations, it would seem.

I had your same thought, Shandy, that if I could negotiate that walk-and-crawl through Glen Roslin on Saturday, there is nothing much wrong with me. Why do I get so little done around the house? (The link to Shandy's blog is well worth following.)


  1. Take a look at this sight it may help https://getsatisfaction.com/mcafee/topics/_potentially_unwanted_program_blocked

  2. As a long-time mac user, communicating with the outside world and the printer are simple. Your husband is another story. Since I am married to a man who still misses having a "C-Prompt", I understand the dangers that lurk in change.

  3. I agree -- I have always been a Mac woman and I find them very straightforward. Although my husband, who is a software guru, refuses to have anything to do with it. He says he can't support two platforms. So you would have to decide whether you can stand two platforms in your household!

  4. It's back to school for us here, too. I hate the commercial craze of Buy All The Supplies! and have managed to avoid much of it this year. I hope your computer problems are short-lived. I had to laugh at Mary Lou's comment. My husband avoids Apple products and also misses his C prompt! Good luck getting this situation managed, Jean!

  5. I almost suggested switching to the Other Side after your last post, so now that you have brought it up I will come out and say it. Buy a Mac. I made the change four years ago and have never looked back. I think you should be able to use Dropbox to send things back and forth between your computers.

  6. =Tamar8:01 PM

    My niece has an Apple because her kids have them for school, and she hates it. It has only one USB port, on the back of the monitor, and it only has one other connector. If you are contemplating switching to a different system, I strongly recommend getting Ubuntu Linux on a CD or thumb drive, and trying it. For one thing, it's free. Second, you don't have to lose your current system to try it; most modern machines will run it from the CD drive or the USB port, just go to setup and tell it to run from whichever source you have it on. There are so few differences from the Windows desktop that I had virtually no trouble switching over.

  7. Anonymous12:00 AM

    Jean, my stepchildren convinced me a couple of months ago to go Mac, because on retirement I was heading into a new world with no IT support laid on and had seen my husband's struggles over the years with the kind of thing you describe. Microsoft actually makes a version of Word for the Mac and I got a deal on it through work - but my stepdaughter is managing to ship versions of her PhD thesis out to committee members, etc., with minimal hassle.
    - Beth in Toronto

  8. rosesmama1:55 AM

    I saw a sweater called Diamond Jumper on ravelry, and thought of you and your hunt. You might have a look next time you are on.