Thursday, September 11, 2014


We watched a good program last night compiled from amateur videos of 9/11 with no commentary. It was dreadful to realise that there was plenty of time for anyone below the level where the planes hit – and they hit high. We actually heard at one point the instruction, “Stay on your level”. If only it had been, “Stand up. Leave everything. Keep calm. Walk downstairs.”


Things are looking slightly better this morning, The three Englishmen managed to breeze into town and out again without tripping over their shoelaces. Gordon Brown – the ex-Prime Minister and our great hope – prudently stayed out of the picture. And the latest poll is better. The man on the radio just now said that it showed the Yes campaign six points ahead, and I lay there in a cold sweat thinking, that's it then, we're sunk, and then after awhile he said with a little laugh that he meant to say that the No's were six points ahead.

And the banks where our money is have promised to move to England if the vote is Yes, so maybe I don't need to worry.

Mary Lou, thank you for the link to Krugman's article in the NYT. I think the No campaign has sort of given up trying to explain the currency problem over against Mr Salmond's bluster and is concentrating now on the fact that Yes is forever. A good point. I think quite a few people whose hearts say Yes will prudently vote No because they're scared of the unknown.


I haven't finished that sholmit stripe in the border of Rams & Yowes. Even as the stitch reductions at the corners begin to mount up, two rounds is about all I can do in a day. Each stripe is four rounds.

“Knit One Below” turned up yesterday and looks interesting, although my heart remains fixed on H.'s brioche socks. There's something about X's photography for Knitter 's which sets my teeth on edge, although I would be very hard put to explain what it is. It's easy to recognise his hand – that should be to his credit.

If you want to revel in photography, and knitting – Jared's fall collection is out.


The other book in yesterday's mail was Jamie's new “Comfort Food”. It's good, but not easy. They are some of the most complicated recipes I have seen from him in a long time. He clearly finds comfort (as would I, in other circumstances) in the sort of meal where you have one central dish and a lot of things in little bowls and a lot of people around the table.

I think my own two principle comfort dishes are Delia's chilli con carne and Madhur Jaffrey's Pork with Long Beans and Chives from “Step-by-Step Cookery”. Neither is exactly quick. I hope I'll pick up another one or two from Jamie.


  1. skeindalous10:38 AM

    O yes. the new Brooklyn Tweed Fall 14 book is wonderful. Especially love the Rowe jacket. Seriously hope to work on that this winter.
    I also am uncomfortable with X's photography. He is so always THERE saying, Look at me as I take this photo!
    Jared's work is more evocative, focused on the people and the place as well as the garment. The opening photo of this issue, the coastal view, is so lovely. Wish I could hang a print in my home!

  2. I'll have to look for the Madhur Jaffrey book. My idea of perfect comfort food, even if it take a bit to prepare and cook, is that in the end there is only one pot left in the kitchen after dinner, and only plates to wash up.