Thursday, September 18, 2014

Well, here we are. A grey, damp day.

Alexander stayed up all night to watch the American presidential results, the year Al Gore was elected. All he had to show for it in the morning was a sore head – he was none the wiser as to the identity of the next president.

I wonder if there will be a discernible trend during the night, this time? We won't sit up, but the radio will be on. I passed a pub on Broughton Street yesterday which claimed to have a special license to stay open until there was a result. I expect there will be lots of such pubs.

At least, if it's a Yes vote, I will have the consolation of reading the next chapter, so to speak. If Salmond is right and the Englishmen are bluffing when they say that an independent Scotland can't have a currency union with England, then Scotland won't be fully independent and I have a bit less to worry about, at least at first. Can you imagine the Irish signing up to such a deal, being run by the Bank of England?

But if, as I believe, Salmond is wrong on this point, we will be living in interesting times indeed.

A friend of Greek Helen's rang up yesterday offering to drive us to the polling station. I said no thanks, we'll be fine, but Helen herself just rang up and we talked about it and I have reconsidered. If Georgia drove us, she or I could go in with my husband and try to get them to advance him to the head of the queue, to his irritation and embarrassment no doubt, but he's too frail to stand about for long and everybody is going to be there. So Helen is trying to get back in touch with Georgia.

I blame a lot of this on Fred Goodwin – the man who destroyed the Royal Bank of Scotland.


I've reached the final stripe on the border of Rams & Yowes. On the original 9/11 I was knitting a sleeve of Kaffe's Mini Roman Blocks (I think it's called) for James. I interrupted the pattern to introduce a purple stripe to mark the occasion. Rams&Yowes will be forever the Referendum. Is there some way I could signify it?

Oh, Cat! The hitofude! I knew nothing of it. And it's written for a madeinetosh yarn! Who would like one of those?

And Carol Sunday has a tempting new pattern, for those of us ever in search of the right droopy cardigan.

Well, see you tomorrow.


  1. rosesmama12:14 PM

    When the result comes in, you could put in an appropriate colored stripe, whichever way it goes. It will be on the back of the blanket, so not a glaring change. An explanation to the parents would suffice, I think.

  2. Ellen1:58 PM

    I just finished Hitofude, its a very interesting construction, and in the end, although the numbers were right, mine did not quite align, although I will love it anyway. You might find the lace not challenging enough, as it is the same repeating 8 row pattern. Look at the versions by Susan Rainey as she hasmade changes to the lace to make it more complex. If you yous a fingering, rather than a lace weight yarn...same will be more useful in a colder climate.

  3. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Make yourself a Hitofude!

  4. csj04233:20 PM

    Hi Jean: I was think along the lines of roses mama. Since all the remaining work to be done is on the back, perhaps some duplicate stitch on one or more of the miters in red and blue if the union remains and in blue if it does not.

  5. Thinking of you and the vote today. I'm drawn to following the results much more than I thought I would be.

  6. Gerri9:14 PM

    When I read "who want want a Hitofude," I started waving my had yelling, "me! me!" Why, I'd even pay shipping. :-) OK back to reality. I agree with Anonymous at 2:37. Or knit and circulate it at a family gathering and see where it lands.

  7. csj04231:38 AM

    Here in San Francisco, I have been glued to the returns. This is due to you, a few other knitters and all the books I have read about Scotland going back to my childhood many years ago. Very hopeful that No will prevail.

  8. Well Jean, it looks as though our faction got it done. I am calling it a night here, even Edinburgh has not reported. It must go the right way and the BBC has called the election to have been won by the "NO" faction. Hip, Hip Hurray!!!

  9. Yippee! You got it done. Still waiting for Edinburgh results here in the USA but BBC has declared it over and "NO" has one!

  10. Lynne in Florida6:52 AM

    Looks like the "noes" have it, according to my latest newsfeed. You must be feeling pretty happy.

  11. Just breathe deeply - slow and steady. Now, back to something important - like what to knit next.

  12. Anonymous5:53 PM

    A sad day for fear over aspiration.....but there is always knitting to heal the soul, I hope