Tuesday, September 09, 2014

I forgot to mention yesterday that I wouldn't be here today -- I have an early dentist's appt, a root canal I think it's called, which will be a pleasant change from worrying about the referendum. See you tomorrow, I hope.


  1. Oh dear, I've never heard the dentist heard a pleasant change before! Hope it goes as well as it can x

  2. Anonymous1:22 PM

    I have only had one root canal but yes it was like a light switch turned off the pain immediately.
    Also a huge amount of relief that the tooth pain had been sorted out.
    Best wishes for a smooth recovery!

  3. I woke up to a story about UK leadership waking up to the fact that the Scots are serious. After many votes have already been cast by mail. No wonder you prefer a root canal. At least for those there is anesthesia.

  4. My recommendation for root canals is to have them done by an endodontist, instead of a regular dentist, if at all possible. I had two before I turned 40 (no fluoride treatments or fluoridated water in my childhood); mine is the voice of sad experience.

    Sorry about misstating the the time of the men's tennis final. I thought it was 19:00 NY time, so imagine my surprise on returning home for work yesterday evening only in time to catch the last two points of the match.