Thursday, September 04, 2014

Knitting, for a moment.

I finished the outward, right-side stripes of the border of Rams & Yowes, and am knitting the fold line. The pressure of time doesn't feel quite so bad – I should finish the border this month, and that leaves a whole other month to finish-finish, before the recipient's first birthday. Here he is with my sister during a recent visit to CT:

I got Arne and Carlos' new book yesterday – rather, I think, the newly-translated and revamped version of an older book. It's called “Knitting Scandinavian Style”.  Hats, mittens, sweaters, a tea cosy. No space invaders, but I think that one may be in their Ravelry store. A useful bibliography and list of UK yarn suppliers. Rauma 50-50 alpaca and wool is something I'd like to fondle. I think I'm a bit disappointed in the lack of an Arne&Carlos Space Invader kick in the sweater patterns, but I'm glad to have the book.

Lusekofte, definitely, the next time Scotland win the Calcutta Cup. Next year's match will be in London, so there's no chance I'll have to redeem that promise soon.


I am greatly touched by the evangelical enthusiasm of you Apple-owners and by the time and trouble you have taken to encourage me. Alexander went over because he got tired of freezes and crashes. For me, it'll be pop-up ads and PUP-FOP.

A little googling reveals that the Apple store on Princes Street is due Any Time Now. It was confidently expected in August. Maybe Archie and I will be able to shop there instead of John Lewis when he is here in a fortnight's time.


Early reports Glenalmond>Athens>Edinburgh are not entirely cheerful. I am growing concerned about Latin. I thought it had all been arranged in preliminary conversations, that Mungo would do AS-Level Latin over the next two years, as well as his A-Levels. The school would have to put on a special course for him – his position in British education must be close to unique: a good qualification in Ancient Greek and not a syllable of Latin to his name. The dimmest of classics masters must realise that Mungo needs Latin. It remains to be seen whether he'll make the effort to provide it.


I envy you, Knitlass, having people on both sides to talk to about the referendum. I feel I need access to well-heeled Yes's – people with savings to be devalued or mortgages to be repaid in sterling. It is a remarkable situation all around in the way we can (in my limited experience) talk to each other. It would be unthinkable in a general election, to talk so freely.

A letter from the Archbishop was read out after Mass on Sunday, full of pieties about being a good citizen and having concern for the poor. The priest added, when he had finished reading it, that it was important for us not to fall out with one another. The Moderator of the Church of Scotland has also issued a pious statement – he went straight for that point, which I think our Archbishop might have done well to allude to.

When I let my husband out of the car at the polling station two weeks from today, I will say -- and he will recognise the lines:

Always keep ahold of nurse

For fear of finding something worse.


  1. I had a friend who did GCSE Greek but not Latin because she hadn't enough options to do both. Should the school prove unco-operative could he have a go at it alone? The Cambridge Latin Course? Or Peter Jones wrote a book called "Learn Latin", designed to take its users from zero to GCSE.

    The Apple/microsoft divide can be a funny thing, my family are too tight to pay extra for Apple, while my uncle's family are all utterly devoted to their Apple products and it seems ne'er the twain shall meet! Though I can think of worse things to be divided on.

  2. Ellen1:53 PM

    You know, if you buy the Apple at John Lewis, when the new Apple store finally arrives, you can go there with it for classes, tutorials, and any fixes you might need. There is no requirement that you stay with the store from which it was purchased.

  3. Here in the US one must purchase their Apple from an Apple store and pay something like $99.00 for a year of unlimited tutorials. I made the mistake of buying my MacBook Pro from an authorized dealer rather than an Apple store and was denied the unlimited tutorial option.

  4. KarenE9:51 AM

    I'd be very surprised if a good independent school can't persuade a member of the classics staff to coach a self-motivated learner with classes at lunchtime/after school. My daughters' school offered GCSE Greek or Latin as extra-curricula options for those who wanted it. Cambridge Latin course (Caecilius et al) seems to be preferred to Ecce Romani. The James Morwood primer also seems to have fans and is relatively recently written.