Friday, September 12, 2014


I continue to feel that the tide may have turned on Wednesday. Mr. Salmond sounded cross and captious and defensive yesterday, about the banks threatening to leave and the supermarkets saying they might have to raise prices if a national border separated them from Scotland. And Gordon Brown, our Achilles, re-emerged from his tent once the Party Leaders were gone, and borrowed from Lincoln to say that you can ignore some of the warnings some of the time, but...


I'll have to be brief this morning. An old friend, our next door neighbour in Birmingham for many years, rang up yesterday. She's coming round for an early coffee so I must scramble through the early-morning things I normally do at snail's pace – going out for the papers, eviscerating a grapefruit for my husband's breakfast, that sort of thing.

But there isn't much to say, anyway. I've reached the shaela stripe on the inside border of Rams & Yowes. Four more to go, when shaela's finished. The corners are folding neatly inwards now that the decreases are adding up, matching the increases on the outward journey.

Back tomorrow in better voice, I hope.

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  1. Have you seen Franklin's brioche baby/toddler sweater in the new Knitty?

    Have a care with the cast on for Brioche socks. It's never as stretchy as the brioche leg. I did a three round double knitting start to mine this time (which seems to work well) and I think Nancy Marchant recommends Italian cast on.