Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I forgot to say, yesterday, that my INR score is just about perfect, 2.4, meaning blood that is neither too thick nor too thin after all this rat-poison. And the nurse gave her blessing to my proposal to drink a bit more than two units of alcohol at the wedding. I haven't deviated by a drop, so far.

The other thing I forgot to mention was Kate Davies' rather complicated (but tempting) way of launching new new yarn – the Seven Skeins Club. You've probably read about it already. You get a skein each of the seven colours plus a number of other goodies, including temporarily-exclusive KD patterns and a book. I would allow temptation to have its way if I weren't snowed under with urgent WIPs.

Still no yarn from Loop for the great-grandchild's Dunfallandy blankie. Surely today.

The other package I am now waiting for will contain (under)pants for my husband. Every day I take him a clean pair; and every other day a complete set of pants, vest and shirt; and every week or so, fresh corduroy trousers. He has never been so clean in his life. And I carry home what he was wearing the day before, to wash.

But on Tuesday when I stood in front of the washing machine and opened the package, there were no pants. Only the shirt and vest from the day before. We own only three pairs. With fewer than that, I can't take in clean ones every day since I am not there when he is getting dressed in the morning.

Distress. Our usual supplier, Sunspel, has redesigned its cellular pants into “briefs” my husband wouldn't dream of wearing.

However the good old internet has produced a website called Fogey Unlimited, aimed at people just like him, and selling, apparently, just what he wants. “Brand new old store stock” it says, which ought to mean they bought up the stock of one of those wonderful gents' outfitters which still survive in places like Blairgowrie. I've ordered some to come Special Delivery tomorrow.

And, as long as Loop doesn't send me that yarn, there is nothing for it but to knit peacefully forward on the sleeveless vest (another hospital casualty). Here it is,looking pretty good, I would say.

The new skein is slightly darker than the old – madtosh is supposed to be dye-lot-indifferent – but not seriously.

I've got to take Perdita to the vet this morning for a second injection of something I let myself get talked into when she had her previous consultation about that limp. Something to protect her from diseases acquired from other cats. I'm glad my husband isn't here to be told about it. We've never injected cats with anything before. I must find out exactly what it is before we leave.


  1. While in hospital, my father lost a pair of socks knit by my mother. After that, he refused to take his socks off unless I was there to receive the used pair. The nurses found him to be quite inconvenient, but he would tell them that if they hadn't lost his socks in the first place, he would be more cooperative.

  2. If Perdita doesn't have an up to date vaccination record she'll not be allowed in a cattery, if you ever need to use one in an emergency. Apart from that she may escape and meet other cats, and some diseases can come in on the soles of your shoes. You don't need the annual boosters for house cats unless you need the cattery, though.

    As to pants etc, have you considered name tapes for everything? Or at least an indelible marker? If you mark the hospital and ward number on too there's at least a chance they can be retrieved from the central laundry system.

  3. Fogey Unlimited - that is genius brand name. I may start shopping there! Congratulations on a perfect score!

  4. At the cat shelter where I volunteer, both rabies and feline distemper vaccinations are standard. Although my four cats stay in the house, I would hate for them to get something that I could have prevented. Keep her healthy!

  5. Brilliant story about the pants, Jean! I could have pointed you to a shop in Kirkcudbright which stocks very sturdy drawers of the kind you needed.

  6. Hi Jean,
    I read on Loop's blog that they're dealing with their backlog of book orders chronologically and will email customers when their order gets shipped. This may explain the delay. Enjoy the wedding. Best wishes, Imke

  7. On our regular route into Winchester, 30 years ago, we used to pass a little shop which sold crossover pinnies, solid petticoats and Celanese bloomers. I wondered then what certain old ladies were going to do when it closed. I doubt if these garments are being made any more, so you did well to discover the people who had the nous to scoop up the last remnants for sale.
    Have a lovely weekend!