Friday, September 04, 2015

Odds and Ends

The sauce was good. I am thinking of casting caution to the winds, vis a vis my arteries, and venturing on hollandaise.

The net curtain that Perdita shredded is irredeemable. The material just drifts apart when touched by a needle. It’s got about eight inches of solid cotton lace at the bottom, which could be re-attached to a new net curtain. Maybe I’ll get up to John Lewis this morning to explore the possibilities. I am still not feeling very strong — John Lewis plus a bit of Waitrose plus the hospital visit is a daunting prospect.

I’ve had an interesting message from Carol this morning with pictures of a Tokyo Shawl being blocked. Undoubtedly, the bias remains. Carol has one of those blocking boards with little squares on it which allows the subject to be pinned out to perfection.

And she suggests, in the accompanying message, that I wear the Fantoosh to the wedding, if I get there. I hadn’t thought of that. It’s a brilliant idea. The shawl is destined for my sister, but that’s no reason I couldn’t wear it that once. I must try it with the dress I plan to wear, which is the same dress I wore to Last Year’s Wedding. It’s a Paisley pattern and the Fantoosh would look better with something monochrome, but it’s worth a try.

We are now near enough to the date (Sept 19) that everybody except him is beginning to hope my poor husband might still be in hospital then. I must at least make an appt to have my hair done.

Carol says, rightly, that I should be there to see the pocket squares in action. There’s also the little matter of the Unst Bridal Shawl which Hellie will be wearing. Not as grand as the Princess, but not inconsiderable, either.

As I feared, my husband thought Roast Hatch Chillis too bright for his new sleeveless vest. The roast part is fine, but about 1/3rd of each skein is plain green Hatch Chilli. (I had never heard of them but have looked them up.) So Whiskey Barrel stretches before me. I spent yesterday peacefully knitting forward with the Sous Sous — which is also, of course, Whiskey Barrel. My current instruction is to knit a part-repeat of the cable pattern and then begin the neck shaping.

I’ll measure my husband’s chest today. The old, lost sweater fit fine and my notes, although not entirely comprehensible, do specify how many stitches to cast on. It doesn’t seem enough — my excuse for not having started the sweater last night.

When Greek Helen and her family were here, much energy was devoted to their flat on Windsor Street. One of the things they had to do was clear out a walk-in cupboard into which both of them had stuffed Interesting Things from Past Lives which they didn’t want to carry with them to Bahrain, Thessaloniki or Athens (not to mention Mt Pelion). Much of interest emerged, including this sweet photograph:

That’s Thomas, last year’s bridegroom, on the right, and Hellie, this year’s bride, in the middle. Their mother Rachel is wearing a sweater I designed and knit, but I think both children are wearing hand-me-downs from elsewhere.


  1. I thought hansel might be a typo, but no - another new word from you to me. The dog looks very terrier-like, even without eyes. Fantoosh to the wedding sounds like a perfect idea. Then you can say it shared the day and will bring all the well wishing to your sister.

  2. Thank you for sharing the sweet photo. I came across a good one on Cute Overload, a tiny Shetland girl taking time out from her knitting to pet a cat.

  3. Anonymous3:00 PM

    You in Fantoosh at the wedding, the bride in the Unst shawl and the men with the pocket squares - it does sound good.
    - Beth in Ontario

  4. Maybe you deserve a new dress to go with the shawl.

  5. hope the heavens align so that you can attend the wedding to see your lovely handiwork.. and YES wear the shawl! you need to make sure it fits (hee hee).

    its too bad that vest was lost.. perhaps it was soiled and the staff didnt realize it could be washed ... oh well.

    will have to look up your sauce. i tend to grill things on the stove and eat with minimal adornment.. esp in the hot weather we have had for weeks and weeks... and we are being told september is to be hotter than normal.. sigh.

    wishing i were in cool scotland... back to the US open matches - Cibukova and Bouchard are battling it out with Bouchard up 1 set.