Friday, September 18, 2015


All continues well. My life has been so-much-the-same for so long that I am agitated about it all. But in fact everything is advancing smoothly.

My main concern is that I will probably have to take my overnight bag – with change of clothing – and my knitting bag, to the church with me. I will be staying with my sister and her family in the Big House, in former servants' quarters which have been made into a self-catering flat. My chauffeuse and her daughter are booked into a b&b in the village. Not at all far away, as the crow flies.

But the roads on the estate are (probably by design) rough and slow to negotiate, and we won't have much time to change.

Helen phoned from Athens yesterday. She, too, will be leaving Edinburgh early tomorrow morning, in her case with a car-ful of boys. She is worried about being late – what if the Rest and Be Thankful is closed? It happens. And she'll be driving, so it'll be her fault. I am worried about not driving – if the Sat Nav suggests something round-about or absurd, I can't intervene too rudely.

I reminded her of the great line from Fawlty Towers, spoken by Mr O'Reilly the Builder: “If the Good Lord had meant us to worry, He'd have given us things to worry about.”

As for my packages, failure.

When I went to the hospital yesterday, I left a note on the door (inviting burglars in and) begging that the packages be left. When I got back there were no burglars, thank goodness, but also no packages – only a card to say that one had been taken away because a signature was required. I have arranged for it to be redelivered to the nearest sub-post-office, which is not all that near, on Monday. I suspect that was the underwear – I would have had it sooner if I hadn't asked for next-day-special-delivery. And I also suspect there'll be another card for the yarn today.

So I knit peacefully on, on the sleeveless vest. It's continuing to look very nice. I will take your advice and take an extra skein along tomorrow.


I bought a new, slightly-larger television yesterday and seem to have left my favourite tape measure behind in John Lewis.

Elaine, it is interesting that you can't comment since you got Windows 10. I think Microsoft has a winner here – but what I can't do is get pictures into this blog. I can upload them from the computer to Blogger, but they won't make the final step from Blogger's picture platform to the actual blog. I have to do that with the MacBook.

I'm off to have my hair done. See you guys on Monday.


  1. Have a great family weekend Jean and enjoy seeing your knitting in action!

  2. I'm slightly puzzled that you are having trouble with pictures. After several months as a newbie to Windows8, and being unable to get pictures onto my blog, Windows10 achieves it with no stress. So at last I am able to put up an occasional post. I don't know if I was doing right to take the upgrade, but all is well for now. And I get Free Cell back again!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

  3. Safe travels - looking forward to seeing the wedding photos on whatever platform!

  4. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Enjoy the wedding and the family!

  5. Have a rich week-end with family. I looked at pictures of the Rest and Be Thankful, it is a beautiful road.

  6. =Tamar9:58 PM

    I would avoid Windows 10 until some of its issues are fixed.

  7. The home we lived in for more than forty years was called "Rest and be Thankful" as a reminder of a visit to Scotland back in our dim past. Thank you for bringing back happy, happy memories. Enjoy your Rest and be thankful (and the wedding and all it brings)