Friday, September 25, 2015

The big news this morning is that my husband’s release has at last been scheduled — next Friday, a week today. He is pleased, of course, although somewhat cross at having to wait a whole week more. I am somewhat dismayed. This is the end of Jamie’s Farro Salad with Roasted Veg as we know it, in favour of pureed soups and stewed mince.

I am glad to have the week for decluttering — there are whole items of furniture which must be cleared away from the routes he will regularly follow. My sister and I will go down this morning, as soon as it opens, to the local Aids for the Disabled shop, looking for the perfect zimmer frame and for those wheeled bedside-and-chairside tables they have in hospitals.

He is anxious to get home to the familiar squalor, he says. I think, after all this time of living with perfect cleanliness and order and an absolutely minimal pile of Things, that he will miss it after all. As I will miss Farro Salad with Roasted Veg.

I’ll keep you posted.

Celtic knitting

I finished the first Dunfallandy square yesterday, and am desperately pleased with it. I think I will knit the second straight away. For one thing, I am already unsure in which direction it was knit. This time, I’ll mark it with a safety pin as soon as I have knit enough to make that possible. The squares have got to be oriented in different directions when sewn together. 

Shandy, yes, I remember Starmore’s class on celtic knitting fairly clearly. I have never given the matter serious thought (if any) but I vaguely think that her and Lavold’s great unvention was the five-in-one increase, and corresponding decrease, which allow the cables to start and end anywhere instead of having to rise in orderly fashion from the initial ribbing.

I’ve flipped through their books this morning, and also Hague’s much more recent “Celtic Cable Shawls”. I don’t think anybody else has got horizontal cables. De Roulet’s unvention of them allows the meandering celtic cables to be firmly framed, as they are on many a stone. 

And when the Dunfallandy squares are properly sewn together, cables which escape the frame on each of the four sides will join up with each other. It’s all rather exciting. How fortunate for me that the great-grandchild should appear on the horizon at just the right moment!

[I couldn't compose on the Windows 10 machine this morning because it was determined to install upgrades now. It will be interesting to see whether uploading pics to Blogger has become possible.]


  1. I'm surprised the physio and occupational therapists haven't made available the daily living equipment your husband needs on loan from the local store.
    Could you prepare and freeze food suitable for your husband (in single portions) while still enjoying what you've been accustomed to enjoy as a solo eater?
    Ysolda's Liebervoll looks as though it has horizontal cables (although I haven't studied it too closely).

  2. Jean, they should supply you with a zimmer, as for other aids, try Argos for the table, the one my mum has is strudy and she has had it for year, I would also suggest getting other supplies on tinternet as its much cheaper..good luck.

  3. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Essential equipment is often supplied. Please check with the hospital before you buy anything. By all means look at things, but don't buy unless you have to.
    Beat wishes, Helen(Anon)

  4. On the topic of meals - I have long kept a small stash of M&S Italian meals, in the freezer, so that I can have something I like instead of the depressing dinners that he can't manage without. After all, I may have promised to love, honour, and cherish (not obey), but I didn't promise to like the same food as him!

  5. Oh! I think it is so exciting you are knitting this blanket! I had thought about doing it when the pattern had first come out, but then had been slightly put off because some people thought the horizontal cables worked up messy looking. In any case, yours looks lovely and I am now starting to dream about doing it myself ...

    Best of luck with your husband's return!

  6. Glad to hear your husband is finally making the break out! my goodness how long has he been hospitalized? It seems so long now.

  7. I would put off buying a walker or zimmer as they should be fitted to the person who will be using them. They have different heights and widths for example. You could buy a mini food processor and every other day make meals you enjoy and put your husband's portion in the processor and give it a good whizz. My neighbour did this when her husband was waiting for his new dentures. Flavours remain but the texture is removed. I am glad your husband is breaking out and wish you both the best of luck. Your finished square is beautiful and I am thinking of using the squares for an afghan. Good luck.
    Ron in Mexico

  8. I have promised myself an autumn of knit what I want (mostly)- I may try a square just for fun. Yours looks might impressive. How nice that your sister is still there to give assistance.

  9. =Tamar7:30 PM

    You may need to try bringing frames etc home to be tried on; sometimes there are apparently-small differences that make a major difference to the user. There are different styles of add-ons, too. He may want a particular size of book-holder.

  10. Gosh thats not a lot of time to prepare! Has he seen photos of Perdita? that will be an interesting introduction!

    good luck getting all ship shape and in order for his return!

  11. Jean, the blanket square is beautiful, and what a gorgeous color! Best of luck with the flurry of preparations for your husband's return; it will be an adjustment for him, for you, and for Perdita.

  12. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Unsolicited $0.02 - please make sure you have some contact numbers for the care staff supervisors which are active over the weekend.
    Thinking positive about this big change. Hope it goes as smoothly as possible.