Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Life is winding down.

The Greeks are gone – Helen and David and Mungo to Athens & Thessaloniki, the other two boys back to Merchiston Castle School. My sister and her husband and the bride's parents were all still hard at work on the shores of Loch Fyne yesterday, cleaning up. They'll all be here today except for my brother-in-law who has gone somewhere on the continent for a cycle ride.

The main cleaning-up problem, I was told, was bottles. There is a recycling bin nearby – but it serves perhaps a dozen houses, and is not often emptied. Alexander didn't feel that it was quite right to heap a wedding's-worth of empties around it, so cars were travelling all day to Inverary and Arrochar, full of bottles.

Our new television has arrived. I wondered if they'd bring my tape measure back, but they haven't.

And today, at last, I should get my hands on those packages, my husband's Old Fogey underwear and the yarn for the Dunfallandy blankie. I arranged for redelivery to the nearest post office for yesterday. It turned out to be a Mysterious Local Holiday, unbeknownst to the Royal Mail website. (I asked the butcher last week why he had notices up about being Closed on Monday. “The September weekend,” he said, in tones which strongly implied that eny fule kno that.)

But mail was delivered here, so I thought the post office would be open, and walked down there in the afternoon. Nope. Not open . I'm sure the walk was good for me.

So I had another session with the sleeveless vest. I'm not quite as near the underarm as I had thought, which was just as well because quite a lot of thinking is suddenly required. I'm not keen on thinking, but it has to be done.

I'm sure the other vest, the one the NHS has made off with, was originally too wide in the shoulder and had to be ripped back. My notes aren't very good but one thing they do record, miraculously, is the number of rows from underarm to shoulder.

I must find a quiet moment to work on those numbers today.

Random Knitting Thots

I came across the Omena pattern in Flipboard, and I like it. But I fear it is of a pattern with things in my past which are great fun to knit, and never get worn. Fortunately I've got too much going at the moment to be seriously tempted.

Jared has a new Lookbook, and a new yarn. Not much temptation for me there, but there's a good scarf and a good wrap and some wonderful cables throughout. Cables have become awfully interesting of late.


The picture I posted yesterday of bride and groom greeting guests at the church door, shows Matt's white pocket square clearly. Some of the blue ones were inadequately folded, and flopped a bit, but Matt got it right. I didn't notice at first, but my sister and her husband are also in the picture, framed by the church door.

I'm sure we'll get more pictures as the days go by. I'll try to add one from Lizzie's Facebook page soon.


  1. I know what you mean about patterns that are fun to knit but never get worn. I made a pattern similar to Omena when I was first getting bold enough to do sweaters and of course it never got worn. I had a debate with myself whether to give it to Goodwill or just trash it but I finally decided it was good wool so I donated it. I wish some day I would go into the supermarket and see someone in it, but alas, not so far. Anyway I do not regret knitting it but I do wish I was a better judge of what things I will wear and also what looks good on me.

    I'm glad you got to go to the wedding, and I'm glad all the visitors are about to be gone so you and Perdita can have some peace.

  2. "I'm not keen on thinking, but it has to be done." That is my new motto - I may get it put on a knitting bag, a la EZ. We were talking in my class last night about things people like to knit vs what they like to wear. A wide and watery waste in many situations, we all agreed.

  3. So happy you were able to attend the wedding. The Bridal Shawl looked wonderful on the bride...it is an heirloom to be sure.
    Did the bride have books on the tables as previously mentioned? Just curious; it sounded like a very clever idea for a table decoration.
    I have a number of knitted items that have never been worn...not too many, but a few. It is a quandary what to do with them...too much good yarn and effort to throw away...I stay away from itchy yarn or extreme patterns.

  4. =Tamar2:15 AM

    The Omena pattern is too narrow in the back and too wide in the armholes to be really warm. On the other hand, it does one thing extremely well: it covers the gap between the shirt and the trousers.