Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I must be quick, this morning. This is just to assure you that all's well.

I've dispatched Rachel and Ed towards London with a good Scottish breakfast under their belts. Next, quite soon, I'll nip round the corner to Kathy's Knits, my LYS, where a workshop is being held with Ysolda Teague as the final event of a Knitting Tour led by Amy Detjen. Two of us are members.

When this was first set up, months ago, we hoped to have lunch together after the workshop – not the whole group, I mean; rather, me and the blog-readers. I never thought then that my husband would still be in hospital on September 23. I want to go see him as usual at midday, with my sister who is now here and in time to overlap with Alexander who is coming over for a visit. He has to get back to Glasgow promptly for kickoff at 2 – Scotland v. Japan.

But half an hour has been allowed for milling around before the workshop, so there'll be time for at least a bit of nattering. Amy Detjen was partly in charge of Camp Stitches '99 which I attended, on the shores of Lake George. A very happy memory. I doubt if she'll remember me.

The knitting news is that I've got the madtosh worsted weight from Loop at last, for the Dunfallandy blankie. It's beyond wonderful. The colour is called “Tart” but reminds me more of a rich red wine. I hope I'll cast on the first square today.

I knit a bit more sleeveless vest yesterday. It has occurred to me – I told you I wasn't keen on thinking – that all I have to do at the moment is decide on the final width for the shoulders. I will divide at the underarms and knit back and forth thereafter. The more delicate question of placing the v-neck and timing the decreases for it can be postponed until the back is finished.

A friend installed our new television. John Lewis would have charged £50. It is connected to the internet. What use am I to make of that?


  1. Enjoy all that the day has in store. The workshop sounds fab ;-)

    As for a TV connected to the internet - oh, Jean! Now you will be able to summon programmes on catch-up (as you can, presumably on your ipad). I hardly ever watch things as they are broadcast anymore, because inevitably a small person is still prevaricating over bed time, or there are pans to put away.

    And, if you are so minded, you will be able to watch your favourite matches from the rugby world cup again. Today Scotland v Japan. Ordinarily we would be expecting a reasonable win from Scotland, but after the Brave Blossom's win over the (not so) mighty Springboks, who knows what will happen?

    Exciting times one way and another.

  2. Netflix? All the catch up on BBC etc? I hardly watch live TV these days.

  3. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Youtube knitting videos plus on demand/catch up...

  4. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Wonderful wedding from the look at sound of it! So glad you finally received the "Tart" worsted. The color sounds to die for. Of course a much better choice than the Koigu I commented about earlier, before having seen the Dunfallandy pattern with all those cables which might have gotten lost in the variegation of the KPPPM. I think I was able to zoom in to the right person to see the white pocket square enough to appreciate it's firm and upright fold. Maybe the purple squares will be used again in another celebration, the second time with someone knowledgeable enough to fold them properly. At least the love and positive energy that went into knitting them was, I AM SURE, felt subliminally by all who attended. I am so looking forward to the thinking that must be done on that v-neck in the vest. Maybe you can find a pattern that will do that for you? Or would that take all the fun out of it? Chloe

  5. I love watching craftsy classes on my tv! The screen is much larger than that of my iPad mini.
    Also, I discovered that I can watch my nephew play soccer for his college team in Maine live from my living room in California. It's a delight to be able to share in his games from so far away! The larger screen really makes a difference, and it is much easier to watch with my husband.
    PS I've been knitting the sous sous sweater as well, and am also a bit curious as to how it will look on my 'mid-century' figure. Time will tell...

  6. So great to meet you in person today!

  7. As Pattie said, it was wonderful to meet with you today! So sorry we didn't have more time, and we never had a chance to say goodbye properly. 😟 I meant to mention to you that I knit a baby Aran for my goddaughter's first baby in Madtosh Tart DK and it is lovely, the cables really popped! You can see it in my Ravelry projects:

  8. My mom had the same question, but then I set the TV up to use my Netflix account and she discovered all the historical dramas and British TV available on it and now I think she uses my account more than I do.

  9. Good time at the LYS meeting up with old friends. I'm doing the same here in Conn. Hope to visit Griswold Inn in Essex tomorrow.

  10. Anonymous7:24 PM

    Go to if you want to see what you can watch on an Internet-connected TV.