Friday, September 11, 2015

I think I will go up to John Lewis this morning and at least discuss a new television set. We need something a bit bigger, for old eyes, and the old one has developed funny ways.

I pressed on with Dunfallandy yesterday. Beverly, I couldn't make that little map show Kirkmichael (link and comment, yesterday). The more I enlarge it, the blurrier it gets, and that's about it. I'm glad you could. But I ordered the yarn (and their book) from Loop.

The danger with such a pattern, as we all know, is that one carefully paces oneself, four squares, eight triangles, allow good time for sewing up: quite forgetting that the border stretches out to the horizon and beyond. And I've only got two-thirds of a pregnancy to go on. And my husband is keen to get his new sleeveless vest. And then there are the Sous Sous and the Tokyo shawl and Franklin's swatches...

The only possible solution is to give more time to knitting, at least while this odd half-life continues. I cast on the vest last night and am well embarked on the tedious ribbing. It will be good travel-knitting if I get to the wedding next weekend: it'll be at a stage where no thought whatsoever is required, nothing but circular st st.

And when the yarn arrives from Loop, I'll knit the first square, just to see what I've let myself in for.

Alexander made an unexpected visit to my husband in hospital yesterday. He's now based in Glasgow where the Little Boys are at school, making the distance somewhat less. He didn't know about the forthcoming baby, and was a bit hurt that its father Thomas hadn't phoned him with the news – he is Thomas' godfather.

But I had an email in the evening to explain that Thomas had phoned, the same day he phoned me. He spoke to Alexander's son James, the elder of the Little Boys, who didn't deem the news of sufficient interest to pass on.


Knitlass, yes, I am dimly aware of Be Inspired in Marchmont, but have never been there. I really must make the effort. My life is pretty circumscribed just now, but it is worth while making efforts. I'm sorry about your fall. Golly.

And, Peggy, yes, I knew that Franklin blogs for Skacel. I think of it as “Lion Brand” – easier to spell and pronounce. I should link to him more often. I read it avidly, now, especially, that he is “on hiatus” at Knitty and doesn't update the Panopticon much. Here's a link to the latest – not vintage Franklin, but every pearl that falls from his lips is to be treasured.


  1. How absolutely normal that a schoolboy did't think that news of a new baby was anything of importance!

  2. P.S. News of a a stranger having a car crash near home would assuredly been passed on.

  3. I suppose this is totally crazy but what would you think of having 12 of "us" knit the squares and triangles to send them to you to assemble and knit the border?

  4. The Skacel blog is a different one from the Lion Brand:

    1. Thank you Peggy, I didn't know about the Skacel blog. Jean I would be happy to knit a square and/or a triangle for you.