Thursday, December 10, 2015

A titanic struggle to get the printer to print has (a) ended in failure and (b) used up all the available time.

There wasn't much knitting news anyway. I am a bit further forward with sewing the Dunfallandy blankie together, and with the Awesome hat.


  1. I think 95% of the computer problems I have had in my life are printer problems. Gah. You have my sympathies. Hoping your day goes better from here on.

  2. I hope Archie is coming over soon.

  3. Jean, thanks for even a short note as we all worry when you don't post. This is one of the side effects of posting every day. I open your blog first thing every morning and always find something thoughtful and interesting and funny...even computer problems. I hope your day improved.

  4. i meant to write this morning but work was another crazy crazy day.

    99.99% of printer problems are the PRINTER DRIVERS. so the FIRST thing to do is turn off the printer. go to the printer manufacturer website and find your model and download the printer driver.

    i dont care if windows installed the printer. do it anyway.

    then install the driver and turn on the printer when the driver software tells you to and connect it to your computer/laptop.

    once that is done. go to the printer in DEVICES AND PRINTERS and right click - choose PRINTER PROPERTIES and print a TEST PAGE.

    if that works, then you can try printing from an application.

    if none of that works. you may need to DELETE the printer (highlight and delete or right click and REMOvE)

    restart your computer and then start over again with that printer driver you downloaded.

    good luck! (email if you need more help