Sunday, December 20, 2015

I'll have to be quick. Things are getting out of hand early today...

A few more decreases remain to be made on the 2nd Awesome. I'll try to get a pic of both together. I am toying with the idea (emulating Mary Lou's last-minute Xmas hat-a-thon) of knitting a third, Whiskey Barrel this time. Flipboard this morning has come up with something called the Hipster, which would be quicker, being brimless. And this one would be meant for a youth, so not inappropriate.

But I love the Awesome.

I think I'm just trying to put off sewing the Dunfallandy blankie pieces together.

Flipboard reminds me that the Brookyn Tweed people have been voting on their favourites from the past year, and there are indeed some terrific things in the Sweater list. The Accessory one impresses me less. Too complicated.

And a winter issue of the Twist Collective has appeared. I like some of the patterns, especially the cables, but everything is too bosom-y for me. Little or negative ease, shaped waists. I prefer to snuggle into a winter sweater as shapeless as myself.  


  1. There is a lot to be said for a sweater that will contain you and the cat, should she so decide.

  2. I don't like a sweater that fits like a fitted blouse. I need to wear something underneath most of the time. I do often add a bit of waist shaping, but just a bit. More like a jacket. No negative ease here.

  3. Me, too! I am working on a vest that called for waist shaping and I skipped it! I made it boxy like me!
    I'm going to check out Flipboard again.

  4. I loved the shapeless sweater comment. I like something with some roominess. :)