Friday, December 04, 2015

Thank you for your messages about the Green Granite Blocks. I'll try to have a serious look at it today. To begin with, have the m*oths been at it? Secondly, as perhaps with a 1000-piece jigsaw, could anyone (including me) now reconstruct it?

There is a wee poke of fresh skeins, unwound, labelled – that's fine; their role in the pattern can easily be found in the pattern. But what about the multitude of little balls? Is it possible still to figure out what goes where?

(My space barisn't working atallwell thismorning. Nuisance.)

There used to be websites for KF kits which the sellers had either saved from the distant past or actually reconstructed. I hope there are still. They weren't cheap then, and will be less so now. There were an agreeable few years some decades back when Rowan could be counted on to have packaged up too many KF kits which then turned up in the January sales, really cheap. That's how I was first lured from breathless admiration to actual knitting.

I agree that Green Granite Blocks ought to go to a good home if that appears possible.

I'll report back. Much of my useful time today, however, must be spent in pursuit of a painkiller prescribed for my husband which didn't turn up with his week's ration of pills yesterday.

I got a bit forrader with binning the stash yesterday. Another hour should see the job done. I'm very glad this isn't a job my sorrowing children will have to do after the funeral. When I'm finished, I'll take a picture for you of what remains. Plenty, is the answer -- and I can always buy more.

As for actual knitting, I surprised myself by finishing the seventh Dunfallandy square. I immediately cast on the eighth and last, and knit the first few comically easy rows. Never mind Christmas cards unwritten, presents unsent, dinner unplanned – the Dunfallandy blankie is on schedule.


  1. Sell the Green Granite Blocks and buy more yarn, I say. And damn the card writing, full speed ahead! You can sit there all smug and ready when the baby is arriving.

  2. =Tamar4:44 PM

    Looking at the Green Granite Blocks, I find it interesting that it could be constructed in separate squares, as if it were being sewn together like a pieced quilt. Each green angled "block" has two small black triangles that make it into a square. I think I would be more likely to do that, rather like making a granny-square afghan, than to knit it all in one. Of course then there would be the sewing together, but that's true of most 19th century knitted blankets.

  3. Anonymous12:45 AM

    There's an eBay shop (US eBay), based in Texas, which specializes in kitting up classic Rowan designs in discontinued original yarns. Well worth a search for anyone who's interested.
    -- stashdragon

  4. I'm commenting on tomorrow's post, because the comments don't seem to be activated on Saturday's page?
    Googling Green Granite blocks to find a picture produced this post on your blog: July 17 2010 which shows that you did indeed decide to start the front from the bottom ribbing. I tried and failed to post the link for you, but I'd say the post is worth a read, particularly as it mentions possible yarn deficiencies.

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