Thursday, December 03, 2015

Not much knitting yesterday – a few rows forward. But a good deal more stash-busting.

Forgotten treasures revealed: two lovely skeins of Pakokku. Neither is “Vampires of Venice”, but still, very nice. And some madtosh Twist Light (I think it's called) which sounds as if it would make a good sock yarn, being 25% nylon. There's something out there called madtosh Sock which is 100% wool, if I've got it right. I wouldn't trust that for wear.

And I kept the Arne&Carlos unknit socks, and three unknit examples of Kaffe's yarn, and wound up with quite a bagful of sock yarn.

There's one real puzzle. Two years ago, I think it was, I bought kits for knitting the official University of Kansas beanie and scarf. I knit the beanie, for granddaughter Lizzie who was attending that institution at the time. But I never knit the scarf. What to do with it now? Nobody in the women's prison (or anywhere else around here) is going to want to knit a University of Kansas scarf. But I can't just throw it away.

The decision on that one: keep it. I can knit it for Lizzie any time. She'll still have K.U. in her heart – it was a very successful year.

What about Kaffe's “Green Granite Blocks”, which has lingered so long in my sidebar? I think the only possible verdict on that one is going to be to chuck it. I'll have a lingering look today. Maybe I have thrown away so much that I could buy it a nice clear plastic box of its own and leave it on a shelf in the cupboard to be found after my death.

I still have one more Kaffe kit in the stash, a sleeveless vest which I have always rather fancied. It may be called “Mosaic” and certainly has patterns which are found in ancient mosaics. Keep that one.

Interestingly, or perhaps not, there are no unknit sweaters in the stash, huge as it is (unless you count the Mosaic kit). Endless oddballs and skeins of this and that. But apparently when I buy yarn to knit a sweater, I knit it.

I should finish today – hoping for not too many more surprises.

Here's yesterday's picture of the Dunfallandy blankie so far:

Melfina, you are clearly in a situation where you need to recruit a friend or two to help knit your ideas.

Shandy: Thank you!


  1. Too bad you couldn't have a stash swap. One's trash is another's treasure!

  2. The blanket is impressive. And forgotten treasures are always wonderful. I found $20 in my winter coat left from last year!

  3. I went and searched for Green Granite Blocks...oh my, my eyes! I admire your patience to get to 35% on that one! There are people on Ravelry who would scratch each other's eyes out for such a kit though, you could offer it for a donation to a chosen charity, perhaps?

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  5. I cleaned out my stash earlier this year - but a look last night in the forgotten cedar chest tells me I need to re-do. You're an inspiration! Please don't chuck the Granite Blocks kit - instead would you consider selling?

  6. The blanket is wonderful. It makes me want to put aside my current knitting (top down pullover, endless stockinette in the round) and start something with cables.