Friday, December 11, 2015

The printer problem has been resolved. It turned out that both printer and computer were working fine – they just weren't speaking to each other. I could, and did, print the document from another computer. The printer is wireless (bliss!) and the document, my first venture into Christmas-letter-writing, was in Dropbox.

Then in the afternoon a clever friend came around and fixed the original problem. Southern Gal  -- very many thanks for yesterday's comment. I will print and save. There's bound to be a Next Time.


However, the big news of the day was that the stash departed. Here it is (black plastic bin bags) in my friend's car, ready to leave:

And here's what's left:

Not all of that, by any means, is very likely to be knit. There's the Kansas U scarf, and KF's “Mosaic” vest, both rather problematical. Some lace-weight unbranded yarn I bought in Beijing. And that poke of orange yarn, on top. I'm keeping that until they announce the competition dates for the Oldest Stash Item in the World.

In 1957, my husband knit a blankie for the baby his sister was expecting. (She turned out to be C., the niece I often mention.) In 1958, he bought that orange yarn to knit another for his own unborn child.

In addition to the pretty meagre collection here, you must bear in mind that I've also got the yarn to finish
     the Sous Sous
     the Tokyo shawl
     and the Dunfallandy blankie.

I've got those oddballs to knit swatches for Franklin's Craftsy class on colour. And I've got a plastic bin, the twin of the one you see here, about 3/4s full of Koigu.

As for actual progress yesterday, I didn't do any sewing. It was a particularly ups-and-downsy day. I made good progress with the Awesome hat, however, and I like the way it's looking. I even toyed with the idea that there might be time for another hat of some sort, before the 25th.


  1. I was thinking "That's a LOT of stash". And then I got to thinking what my own would look like bagged up and stuffed into my Polo...eek!

  2. skeindalous10:12 AM

    I admire your fortitude to complete the stash reduction process. I fear I would not have the gumption to do the same. Always good intentions, but seldom the follow-through. The same problem applies to quilting fabric, which also takes up a great deal of space in my home and energies! I hope exactly the right persons come along to receive your pretties and give them new life!

  3. How nice that back when I was born (late 1950's) that men were knitting baby blankets. Our son (the one that lives his Scottish heritage the most and is a bagpiper) can also knit and crochet! Keep accumulating yarn, Jean. You have a very special knitting gift and you have to keep going. I may begin a wooly hat for our son today (the younger one who plays the ukulele instead of the pipes!)

  4. I'm sorry to see your stash go. Would have loved to have a skein or two of it to treasure. very impressed that you were able to do that.

  5. Your husband is a dark horse. I had no idea he knew how to knit! I admire your ability to let so much of your stash go. You must have felt like you were sending off a dear friend.

  6. This is the first hint that your husband could knit - was that common? That is even more stash than I sent away! Gift yarn and special travel purchases had to stay for me, as well.

  7. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Congratulations on a good destashing effort!
    - Beth in Ontario

  8. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Particularly startling was the stash's apparently taking over the driver's seat . . . until I remembered, of course, that the UK has right-hand drive.

    And congratulations to your husband on knitting his niece's baby blanket. Well done.
    -- stashdragon

  9. Anonymous5:21 PM

    That de-stashing is a real accomplishment. It will be very well-received.
    What are your even very tentative plans for the Koigu?
    enjoy the weekend

  10. After my Mum died, her housekeeper asked if she might have a few balls of her yarn to remember my mother by (they shared a love of knitting). I filled her station wagon with yarn. She drove away estatic.
    Afterward, I located Mum's secondary stash. I kept the sock yarns but took the rest ( 3 large bin bags full) to the nurses who had looked after her during her chemo treatments.
    It pleases me to think that all her stash is out there being enjoyed.

  11. That's a lovely memory of your husband knitting baby blankets. I agree with Pom Pom. Keep on knitting; you're an inspiration to us beginners and it gives you such joy! I love your sense of humor...have I said that before? Probably! :)

  12. OK everyone, we have the number plate, maybe we can catch up with that car before it makes its delivery!

  13. Judith, that would be a car chase worthy of the best Hollywood has to offer!

  14. Destashing feels good, doesn't it?

    I was charged with finding places to donate my friend's yarn after she died. It was quite a journey - met wonderful women from jail, hospital, garden club, charity thrift stores, etc. etc. Her yarn filled 30 large plastic bins. She just couldn't bring herself to de-stash, I think she felt guilty about all the yarn she bought and never used.

  15. Anonymous12:11 PM

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  17. Anonymous11:34 AM

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