Saturday, December 12, 2015

Your imaginations are greatly enhancing that stash. The best thing in it was the bag of madtosh Roasted Hatch Chillis DK – and that, I've kept.

A lot of the stash represented outgrown enthusiasms. There was a great deal of Shetland jumper weight. When I turn to Fair Isle again – that's certainly high on the wish list – it will be with the J&S heritage colours, devised in partnership with the museum there in Lerwick. I bought some when I was in the shop that happy day, and I've certainly kept that.

Also, I think Susan Crawford is going to extend the range with some yarn of her own, once the Vintage Shetland Project book is finally out.

There was a lot of multicoloured lace weight in the stash. I'm certainly over that phase. If I go back to lace – I hope so, but that is less certain – it will be to white (J&S' wonderful heritage yarn, again) or if in colour, near solids. Flipboard has a beautiful scarf at the moment in madtosh Parchment.

There was some Lorna's Laces sport weight – not enough of anything, though. Lorna's Laces was my Big Thing before I discovered madtosh.

And an infinity of oddballs.

What am I going to do with the Koigu? There was something called the Oriental Jacket (OJ, for short) that everybody was knitting for a while, years ago. The Koigu-collection book alarms me by not being where I expected to find it, this morning, but it can't be far away. Something like that is on my Hopeful list every year.

Another thing I always put on that list is my knitting to celebrate Scotland's victory in the Calcutta Cup. That one is not often called for, but I feel God owes us a victory next year, after the dreadful and undeserved loss to Australia in the World Cup. In recent years I had planned to knit Scandinavian-themed scarves for the Little Boys, but I've gone off that. Our triumph in 2016 will be commemorated on a Vintage-Shetland-Project-inspired vest for Alexander.

He can always have one anyway, without the Cup.

As for actual knitting, not much. I'm a bit further forward with assembling the Dunfallandy pieces. I should finish the central square today and begin attaching corners. And I'm a bit further forward with the hat. And doing unexpectedly well with the Christmas cards, although they don't really count as knitting.


  1. I destashed a lot last year, when we were temporarily out of our home and I was contemplating the prospect of moving all that stuff back and forth. A large proportion of the destash was made up of multicolored laceweight....

  2. Maybe you can do the vest for Alexander and leave a spot to add the year with duplicate stitch.

  3. ah well, the shetland sounds lovely - hope those who receive your stash appreciate it.

    1. ravely link for the ORIENTAL JACKET

      25 skeins!

  4. There are a number of options available on Ravelry if you use 'Koigu' as the search item. I'm thinking that with your short periods of knitting available that you select something that can be put down and picked up later without much fuss.

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