Sunday, May 08, 2016

A good day, yesterday.

I went walking in the Botanic Gardens with a dear friend, and we saw some British Art into the bargain. I held up fine, less than an hour, but was appalled at how weak I am. A year ago, before the pulmonary embolisms, I could go on a five mile walk – and, yes, I know, that’s nothing – without difficulty. Could I do it now? Will I get any stronger, or just continue declining?

No use worrying, especially in May.  The Gardens were grand, the Art somewhat less so.

I knit on, but not very much got done because we had a television crisis which occupied much of the late afternoon. The same friend came to help, bringing a set of her own to lend us but she couldn’t make that one work, either. We remain uncertain about whether the fault lies with the actual set, or with the cable company; although the afternoon’s events seem to throw the blame towards the latter.

I am about 66cm along with the Neap Tide shawl – a metre being needed --  and I am beginning to worry, just a bit, about whether I will have enough yarn in the first skein to reach a satisfactory half-way point. I’ve now got far more stitches than the pattern specifies (I’ve stopped counting), in order to reach a satisfactory width. Which I think I’ve done.

I’m terribly pleased with the way it’s looking, and draping; I must make it long enough to do it justice. Old Maiden Aunt lists the yarn on her website. I could buy a third skein. Best to keep on knitting as fast as I can and see how far I get. The whole experience is a valuable lesson in the mysterious matter of gauge. We need a photograph. Tomorrow, I hope.

Kate Davies’ Hap Book

Not only does she keep us on the edges of our seats in eager anticipation, but she says nothing about “pre-ordering”. She’ll publish the book, and then sell it to us.

Tamar, I am in awe of you, always grateful for your comments and impressed beyond measure by the width of your knowledge. But this time I think you are mistaken, in saying that the photograph which identifies Miss Hunter in Kate Davies’ blog entry, is of a different shawl to the others.

 I assume the photographs are all ones KD took at the museum of the Knitting and Crochet Guild. I think they all show the same shawl, the prototype of Patons’ leaflet 893 which is the same as one of the two shawls in leaflet 1085. The photograph which shows the label is of a corner, and does indeed look a bit different for that reason, as the lace patterns decrease into the mitre. But I think it’s the same shawl. I have the leaflets here on the table as I write – the corner is clearer in 1085 – and I think it’s right. 


  1. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Interesting point about the shawl photographedby Kate Davies, and labelled as "By Miss Hunter". That one looks to me like an Old Shale border rather than the "fir tree" pattern in the shawl shown in leafter 893.


  2. After pulmonary embolisms and all that enforced sitting, it's not surprising your stamina has decreased. If you get the chance to walk more it should improve, don't you think? So far a lovely May here, at least. Glad you are getting out to enjoy it.

  3. Because I can't help smiling every time I see the photo of wee Juliet and her splendid blanket: is it just me, or does she look astonishingly like her father?

  4. =Tamar12:18 AM

    We'll have to agree to disagree. That pattern looks more like Old Shale to me. I tried looking at it as if it is half a tree with the other half separated from it by the corner line, which could account for the 5-4-3-2 openings, but the patterns just below the tree seem to have the wrong number of strands per opening - one strand in places where two strands are in the other pictures. The edge pattern doesn't look quite right, either. I wish it had been laid out flat instead of loosely pushed together.
    I think perhaps that photo was shown because of the staples in the label, with no intent to confuse it with the primary shawl. She does say that there are several shawls by Miss Hunter in the collection.

    Other topic: I've read that gentle regular exercise will lead to gaining strength; it just takes a little longer. One of these days I intend to give that a try...