Tuesday, May 17, 2016

For a while, I wrote blog entries at night and then tweaked them a bit before morning posting. Trouble is, there often wasn’t any time at all in the morning. So I started posting at night.

But this morning there is a brief window of time – and I do want to say, before Kentucky starts voting, how disappointed I am in Mrs Clinton’s announcement that, if she wins, she will put her husband in charge of running the country. So very yesterday. She would scarcely be the first woman president at all – it would just be Bill’s third term.

We’ll see what Kentucky thinks.


  1. Actually she said he'd be in charge of the economy. Not exactly the same thing. And I'm not sure it was a totally serious remark.

  2. Aides later clarified "Mr. Clinton’s role would be narrowly defined to focus on hard-hit areas of the country" pandering to votes in some areas, but a foolish statement to make at this point, I think. Sigh.

  3. She opened mouth and inserted foot.

  4. Mrs. Clinton did not say she would put her husband "in charge of running the country". She said he would be involved in revitalizing economic growth and job creation. Hardly the same thing, and I might add, two things about which he knows an awful lot and has done quite well in the past.

  5. Linda1:25 PM

    Hillary's comments were directly related to the economy, and she clearly intended to remind voters of Bill's economic record when President. I think she is reminding voters that they are a package deal with a lot of experience, which is particularly important now that Bernie has gained some traction with primary wins.

  6. I don't think I had better comment. We have our own political woes at the moment. At least the US election shenanigans are keeping ours more low profile.

  7. Knitsiam5:57 PM

    Jean: I agree with PomPom as well.
    Disheartening, at best, to find those who would take umbrage at a passing comment on your blog - that, by definition, represents your personal thoughts and opinions.
    Political discourse aside, I enjoyed the laugh at the much more politely stated thoughts that I was already thinking. I feel the entire process is deteriorating into a continuing source of embarrassment and concern. Personally, I'd prefer a properly qualified candidate - male, female, or Martian - who is prepared to consider the real issues at hand, but that quality appears to be in short supply.
    Apologies from afar for those who don't grasp the foundation principles that while they may not agree with an opinion, your right to the same is inviolate.
    Sorry for the lengthy response (I'm stepping off the soapbox now). Thank you and take care,