Sunday, May 01, 2016

Oh, dear – here is May, most beloved of months. And there’s no way to slow it down.

Not much today, but all good:

Knitting continues well – starting the Neap Tide shawl was the right thing for me to do. I did a bit more measuring and extrapolating yesterday, and decided that the extra stitches I have added are not nearly enough to get near the desired width, even allowing for blocking. So I am progressing through the Second Increase Section, as through the First, increasing one stitch on every right-side row. It makes for easier knitting, too; less thinking.

The current skein – there are two – looks as if it will last forever. I will re-group (=recalculate) towards the end of this section.

I wonder if this is the yarn I knit the Fantoosh in. The label doesn’t give it a name, just the fibre content and “4-ply”. The colour is called Crazy Ivan.


  1. I see Perdita is taking an interest. Have you taught her to knit yet?

  2. Love the name of the colorway! I wonder if the mystery dyer is a Tom Clancy fan? ("Crazy Ivan" is the maneuver, supposedly favored by Soviet submarine commanders, of abruptly turning 180 degreees, while submerged, in order to "see" what is behind them. I haven't been able to verify its historical accuracy, but the move plays an important role in _The Hunt for Red October_).

    1. I know it from Firefly, where they turn one of the spaceship's engines 180 degrees from the other one as they're in a high-speed chase, so that's another place it could come from.

  3. Anonymous1:48 PM

    I just realized that Perdita is a calico/tortoise shell cat and since a friend's calico has similar personality characteristics, I flew to Wikipedia to confirm my theory (I never consult Wikipedia to disprove my theories.) Well, not only were there ideas similar to mine put forth, but a discussion of genetic determination was so involved that it went on for 7 paragraphs. The x's and y's were flying all over the place, making our little controversy over eye color seem quaint. So, from that I deduce that knitting which already encompasses the fields of handicraft, engineering, social psychology, geography, animal husbandry and mathematics, thanks to adorable Juliet, unpredictable Perdita and your broadly interesting knitting blog, Jean, can now add genetic science to its sphere of involvement. That's my theory and I 'm sticking to it. Chloe

  4. I am all about the not thinking aspect of knitting, there is plenty to think about while knitting besides additional complications. I love the color.

  5. Hello Perdita! The shawl looks lovely and of course she's interested!

  6. One of Old Maiden Aunt's colourways is called Crazy Ivan - it includes teal, blue, turquoise. Could that be it? The original Fantoosh is in one of her yarns.

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  8. i love the look on the new baby photo (header) is it a great grand daughter? anyway, such a Wonderful expressive face.. makes me happy each time i come to your blog.

  9. one more comment about your favorite author(Sarcasm alert)

    new website and a DATE of publication... go see!