Monday, May 16, 2016

New system: post at night.

That was a reasonably good day. My husband was not terribly well, but not very ill, either.

I proceeded with my plan for the Sous Sous. I have unpicked the neck edging from the back neck, and even got a bit ahead of myself by starting to unpick one of the shoulders. They were done with a stout back stitch, I am afraid – I couldn’t make mattress stitch work. I didn’t do very much: one unconsidered snip, one impatient tug, and the neat bottom edging which I am struggling to recover, could be ruined.

I then went on with the Neap Tide. I’d like to get it to the decrease stage before laying it aside. The point where I joined in the second skein is slightly detectable, and I am slightly annoyed. I’m sure I haven’t consciously thrown away either ball band: if I find both, I’ll compare them. I bought them at the EYF, from Old Maiden Aunt herself. That doesn’t exempt me from checking dye lots.

The joining-line isn’t all that bad, however, and will be less so when the scarf is a bit scrunched up and tossed with insouciance about the shoulders. And it means that if the worst happens, and I don’t have quite enough to finish despite my careful positioning of the centre marker, I can order another skein and risk another join line without worrying too much.

I printed the pattern for Miss Rachel’s yoke today, and also for the Crazy Stripes tee. (Let’s not forget my little splurge at Ginger Twist recently.) Lots of pages, for both, and the printer twice demanded a new ink cartridge, and I am pleased to report that I was able to give it what it required without deflecting it from its task. Last time, a new cartridge meant that I completely lost touch with the printer and had to invite a friend in to re-establish contact.

And I’ve heard from KD’s shop that my parcel-has-been-dispatched. This is exciting. I’ve seen Buachaille – at the end of last year, I used to go sit at Kathy’s Knits while a carer was here, and knit hats for Christmas presents, and talk to Kathy when the shop was quiet. She was a member of the Seven Skeins Club (or however many skeins it was – I’m not sure) and showed me some. But now I am about to have a whole armful of my own,

Amy, I had already thought of knitting the gauntlet pattern, or some of it, onto the lower sleeve, and am greatly heartened by the fact that you have done it.

Southern Gal, no, I’m not using Ravelry properly. But that’s a very good idea, to find a category for the projects in which I suddenly abound: yarn bought with a specific pattern in mind. Well – USO, of course, UnStarted Object. There must be a way to list them in Ravelry, and that’s what I ought to do.

I’ll try to find and scan for you the pattern of the yoked Fair Isle sweater I knit for our Rachel, many years ago. That pattern wasn’t just about discovering that I could knit Fair Isle, it also introduced me to the acute pleasure of knitting a yoke. KD tries to describe the sensation in her yoke book.


  1. Your Ravelry Queue is a place to list unstarted projects. You can queue the pattern and "attach" the yarn you plan to use. You will find it in your Ravelry Notebook

  2. I'm full of admiration for the way you are already putting the Sous Sous to rights. For me, it would have needed much longer in the sin-bin before I could bring myself to even handle it!

  3. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Always good to hear from you in my morning.

    I sometimes worry I am spending more time reorganizing my queue then knitting …

    Here is a recent Ravelry blog post which discusses options for using one's queue.

    and from the help

    I am trying to remember to use the tags which automatically generates lists of one's choice within the queue. I have quite a ways to go yet …

  4. I knitted my sister a yoke sweater when I was first exploring two color knitting. Somewhere I have a picture of her in it. Must track it down. I am a charter member of the Ravelry underachievers club, myself. Fun to wait for such an exciting package. Looking forward to a full report.

  5. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Am excited to hear your reaction to Buchaille when you receive it and begin to knit with it. Ever since Kate posted that picture of Tom's, I believe, white socks, I have been smitten, but it,would be way too irresponsible of me right now to add any more to my stash, even that. Maybe in the future. Chloe

  6. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Forgot that "a". Keep thinking of it as a French word. Chloe.