Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I had an excited email from Greek Helen yesterday – she said she follows Kate Davies on Instagram and had just seen Tom of Holland’s hap. “Oh wow”, was Helen’s comment – and that, presumably, without being fully aware of its hexagonal wonderfulness, or of the equivalent wonderfulness of Buachaille. I had better add it to my Queue.

Today’s teaser-hap is by Veera Valimaki. I know the name – VK? although I’m sure I’ve never knit anything by her, nor can I associate a pattern with the name. Her hap is another good one, but it doesn’t quite suggest delicious snuggling like the preceding ones.

What a brilliant launch this is proving to be – at presumably little or no cost. Poor Susan Crawford!

I awfully like your idea, Melfina, (comment yesterday) of trying to knit at least one thing from every book on one’s shelves, and one from every year’s-worth of a magazine. I’m too old to embark on such a project, but it might still be interesting to rearrange the books to put all the ones I’ve knit from together. There’s a great appeal in trying to structure one’s knitting.

I like the idea of a KAL, too, although I’ve never done one. There is talk of an informal one to start soon, involving Sharon Miller’s new pattern, the Jewel Long Shawl. We’ll see.

Little to report. I advanced the Neap Tide shawl somewhat, but not much: it was an interrupted and uncomfortable day, yesterday. But I’ve eliminated nearly 40 stitches and am whizzing forward, at least intermittently. 


  1. Anonymous1:01 PM

    In the States Vera Valimaki is very popular, particularly for her shawls. Her "Color Affection" has over 14,000 projects on Ravelry.

  2. I had a yen to watch 'I know where I'm going' last night. Available for reasonable rental at Amazon video. Too bad color film was not available to film it. Gorgeous sweeping seascapes and the Isle of Mull. Anyway it was interesting to count the number of haps in the film. Five is what is came up with. That film only increased my yearning to move to the highlands or western isles.

    I am awed by Tom of Hollands hap its top on my list

    1. Have you seen The Edge of the World? It's an earlier Michael Powell set in the Outer Hebrides and there are some scenes of knitting that look like they are on fast forward. Might have to find that one again.

    2. not yet but its on my list...

  3. It appears that the Susan Crawford book is now scheduled for mid-August. But the Hap book looks interesting