Friday, May 27, 2016

Today’s hap is a small one, lacy all over, a “fancy hap” according to KD. Not as startlingly wonderful as some of the others, but wonderful nonetheless.

Patience, Karen (comments yesterday) and I have now heard from Susan Crawford, so all is at least reasonably well. Her second fortnightly report is about the difficulties of reconstructing the pattern – in a range of sizes -- for a particularly difficult and beautiful ‘50’s cardigan. She has produced a range of wool in colours to match the antique ones. One of the photographs in the new report shows the modern sweater, knit in the new Susan Crawford yarns, and as far as one can judge from a computer screen, the match is pretty well perfect. This is going to be good when it all comes together.

The Neap Tide shawl is all but finished. A few more rows, tidying, blocking. Today should do it, except that Greek Helen and her family are about to arrive and excitement may overwhelm me. As I said yesterday, I’ll miss it.

Thank you for your thoughts about e-books. I very much like the idea of, in future, buying any book that sounds like a book-of-patterns for the Kindle app on my iPad, and printing out any patterns that I actually want to knit. I can’t, at a glance, see how to do that, but I’ve just Google’d the question and there seem to be answers. I probably won’t want to knit any of them anyway. I’ll be too busy knitting haps.


  1. I now have wool lined up for Montbretia and Nut-Hap, and I think there will be more. And to think I only ordered the book for the essays!

    It has been really lovely every morning seeing the new hap. All are stunning, in their very different ways.

  2. Enjoy the time with them - will you get to Strathardle with them? Was that the plan? I also ordered the book for the essays, and because I like to support excellent efforts when I can. However, there may be some casting on...

  3. I'll be honest, I have no idea how to print from the Kindle app. I have a nook (which uses a different file format) and a free program called calibre to read stuff on my computer. Kindle's format is a bit more locked down and I end up converting (via Calibre again, that program's kinda iTunes for ebooks but free and open-source) and it's more of a pain than I want to deal with, really.
    Also, ooh, Fancy Hap! Now that's my kind of knitting. Okay, you lot twisted my arm, I've ordered the book :)

  4. If you have a new printer with its own network you click the little download icon (bottom left) and choose print and your iPad will find the printer. Easy!

  5. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Did you see that they are going to be at Kathy's Knits on the 11th? You need to get the carers sorted, this is too perfect a party to miss!

  6. I think Jean should get a commission on the many copies of this book she has sold. Or maybe just one free copy for herself.

    I do hope you get to the party on the 11th, Jean, so you can tell us all about it.

  7. GrannyPurple4:19 PM

    Oh, Jean--the Haps book launch will be right around the corner at Kathy's Knits! You are deputed by all of us out here to attend on our behalf.

  8. Kay, I suggested that to Eat, Sleep, Knit! Probably would not have known it was so awesome (and nearby!) if Jean hadn't mentioned it. Told 'em where to find her blog and suggested they should send her a coupon or something. Dunno if they did it or not....

  9. ChiGail2:25 AM

    Enjoy your time with your "Greek" family!