Sunday, May 29, 2016

I’m sorry about yesterday's silence. The confusion of having-people-about throws me into a real old-woman tizzy these days.

But WHAT excitement – the launch of the Haps book right around the corner, a few steps beyond the Hussains’ invaluable corner shop, closer than the butcher or the fishmonger! It could hardly be more convenient unless they had decided to have it in our own sitting room – and that might have been awkward. Of course I will be there! Kathy’s Knits is a good choice, because she sells exclusively British wools, and because KD used to live around here. But still a most unexpected blessing.

Yesterday's teaser-hap was a spectacular "fancy" from Lucy Hague (who will be at the opening), and today's is a cosy shoulder-wrap from Hazel Tindall herself. 

KD has written to me saying that she is going to give me a copy of the book because I “helped” – quod absurdum est. Or if I did, I have already been more than repaid in pleasurable anticipation. In either case, now she doesn’t have to send one. She can either give it to me that day, or I will more than hap-pily  buy one and have it signed by her and Jen and Gudrun and Lucy. I’ve taken Gudrun’s Craftsy class on hap-knitting and am rather afraid of her.

Other knitting news is good, too. I’ve finished and blocked the Neap Tide shawl. At first, I thought I could just pat it into position, but then I found that it lacked two or three inches in width – and anyway, no lace edging ever knit has failed to be improved by being pinned out. So I’ve done that, and am very pleased indeed with the result. It is very close to the dimensions on the schematic.

I took two pictures but can only download one.

Perdita likes to help with blocking, but she also likes to pull the pins out and bat them about. I fear she might swallow one, and have to exclude her from the room. She is determined to get back in, and she is a good deal more nimble than I am.

I’ve enjoyed every moment of the process, and am delighted with the result, and also have an extra twinge of pleasure at having actually finished something I bought at the LYF market that happy but extravagant morning.

I knit a couple more rows on the half-brioche sweater last night, and am ready to begin the patterning on the front. And it is now time to face up to the Sous Sous, of course, as well.


  1. skeindalous11:18 AM

    How wonderful to have the book signing so close to you! I am deeply jealous. To be with all those excellent knitters and to have them sign your copy.....sigh. The Neap Tide looks marvelous. A project with no time-outs from you. A lesson for us all!

  2. Oh, Jean, how exciting that the Haps book signing will be at Kathy's Knits! I would so love to be there (yes, I am a bit jealous) but will live vicariously through you. I'd love to meet Kate! I'll be on Gudrun's and Mary Jane's Wool Week tour so I'll meet her in the Fall, I've had some email correspondence with her and she seems very friendly so I wouldn't be intimidated by her. I know several knitters who teach Craftsy classes and they often seem a bit stiff and formal, rather different from themselves, on camera. Just have fun!

  3. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Lucky you! And congratulations on Neap
    Tide. Chloe

  4. The Neap Tide looks beautiful. I hope you (or the recipient)enjoy wearing it. When I saw that Haps was being launched at Kathy's Knits I thought for sure you'd be able to be there. Fun! Off to look at today's offering.

  5. I'm so excited for you! When I read yesterday that the opening was going to be at your local yarn shop I was hoping you would be able to attend. And what a treat to be given the book by Kate, in person.

  6. Oh, your Neap Tide did turn out beautifully, didn't it. I am doubling my resolve to get it out of my(way too long) queue and actually knit it. And what a happy circumstance that the book launch will be at Kathy's Knits. Enjoy the event.

  7. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Good for you - lovely Neap Tide finished, and you get to attend the hap book launch. Of course you have "helped" - I'd have found KD much later, I think, without you - and found you through the late Curmudgeon Marilyn's blog.
    - Beth in Ontario

  8. Neap Tide looks wonderful, such a good feeling when something has been completed. Enjoy wearing. x

  9. I actually looked into flights (from San Francisco) to attend the Haps book launch...sadly a bit too extravagant at this moment. Scotland has been on our travel list for quite a long time, and the happy coincidence of meeting the authors of the book would have been great. But not quite as special as a chance to meet you!

    I look forward to reading your blog every morning and I relish the comments as well.

    Hopefully we will get there in the near future!

  10. KD has the talent of bringing other talents together, doesn't she? How lucky you are to have the booksigning near you:)! I have been "hap"ily anticipating each Hap reveal over the past week or so and it has been delightful:)! Am hoping to order the book. I have cut back a great deal on purchasing knitting books because I have an indecent amount of them, but this one looks like it will be a classic and a keeper, doesn't it? Love reading your blog. Hope you and your family are well.

  11. Spectacular that KD will be right around the corner, what exciting fun - and a book! I did purchase two of the Hap books because of your passion for them - so KD is right. Looking up 'Neap Tide', after reading of your progress I see the relationship between the name and the dimensions. And, the wrap is lovely.

  12. So happy for you (and yes, just a little jealous) that you can attend the book launch. That's wonderful! And what a tribute that Kate Davies would like to give you a copy. Get all the autographs you can! What a treasure that will be.
    Perhaps your success with Neap Tide will provide you with the mental fortitude to wrestle Sous Sous into proper obedience. Fingers crossed that you get it straightened out and making good forward progress soon.

  13. Your Neap Tide is beautiful. I agree with KD. If I hadnt seen all your comments about the book I might not have ordered it.