Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A good day.

I have toiled through row 35 of the shawl border pattern, and am now somewhere in 36 – my two-a-day resolution fulfilled, although not by much. Row 33 was the one in which the second motif reached its widest point, but 35, paradoxically, was the one containing the most k3tog’s – four for each of the nine motifs on each of the four sides. That’s a lot of k3tog’s.

When this row of motifs is finished, that leaves only the Tree of Life, and I don’t think it goes in for k3tog’s much. I’m making progress.

And the tax went well, too – my next target is Unit Trusts, and we haven’t many of them. Once that’s done, I think it’s pretty plain sailing. My sister phoned from DC today – confirming my impression that an American tax return is vastly more complicated. The monthly fee she and her husband pay to their retirement community can be partly set against tax as a medical expense, she said. I don’t think wage-earners and pension-payees, in this country, can set anything against tax. The self-employed, yes, and the renters-out of property.

Including us, as the owners of 20 acres in Strathardle, farmed by a neighbour. We charge him so little that it’s not worth fussing about deductions, although of course we must, and do,  faithfully declare that little. Even when I'm not entirely sure that they have remembered to pay, this year.

I’m sorry to have no pics for you. The light is so brief, the moment slips by. Tomorrow, I hope.


  1. The lady on the left in your blog photo is SO elegant. Is she a model?

  2. And that is why I have someone do our taxes. The ability to deduct changes frequently as well. It is dark when I leave, and dark by the time I get home. Very little opportunity for a halfway decent photo of anything.