Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Another good day, I guess, although I feel as though I am shouting to you from a distant shore.

I advanced the tax. In fact, I think the only remaining income problem is Syngenta. Who are they? Why does my husband have shares in them? And, more to the point, did they pay him anything in 2015-2016, and if so how much? And into which account? The rest, I believe, is all downhill.

I have been eager for a financial document to arrive in the mail, so that I could exercise my resolution of dealing with such things fully, and at once. Today one did, and I did.

And the shawl has achieved its two rows, or just about.

Here it is:

Not as expressive a pic as I had hoped. At least you can see that I'm getting somewhere.

And here’s the mosaic:

You will (justifiably) conclude that I need to tidy the sitting room. We need to rearrange it – the fireplace used to have a sofa in front of it. Now, we want to keep the mosaic fully in view. Neither of these pictures fully do it justice. 

The icon on the mantelpiece is Helen's work too.


  1. The shawl is looking great, and well done you for dealing with the financial document right away. And that mosaic that Helen did is stunning!

  2. Anonymous12:28 AM

    Both the shawl and the mosaic are wonderful! Good job, mother and daughter!

    Beverly in NJ

  3. Your shawl is beautiful and I look forward to seeing it in it's full glory when finished. The mosaic is wonderful too. Congratulations on the taxes moving along.

  4. A very lovely way to cover a black hole!!! The shawl is looking very good as well. Progress! I hope your husband finds the view more satisfactory.

  5. The mosaic is beautiful, and the shawl looks quite promising(I´m not sure whether this is the right word). I also love the green walls of your living room.
    After a real tax fiasco some years ago, I trained myself to deal with financial documents as soon as they get in the house - and now taxes are a breeze! Though I have to say that your financial situation sounds much more complicated than ours is.

  6. I am sure Perdita will tell you that ultra-tidy rooms are much less interesting.
    How many hours did it take Helen to do that mosaic? They are such a lot of work!

  7. Beautiful mosaic! Good work, Helen!

    I look forward to seeing the shawl in full glory.
    -Duffy in very snowy Portland OR

  8. What a wonderful mosaic! Strangely suggestive of flames, without the colour.

  9. I love the mosaic (though I'd love a fire in that fireplace even more:) - was it done in situ or on a backing of some kind and set in in one piece? upright mosaics sound more difficult to do somehow...

    1. Also curious if it may be removed. Was the fireplace not able to be used ? Or too much trouble? The mosaic is gorgeous.

  10. I adore the mosaic - beautiful design and colours. Have you got an airbrick or similar to ensure ventilation? The shawl looks great too.

  11. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Beautiful mosaic. So well fits the space. And the design of the shawl already looks stunning. Good luck on the furniture re-arrangement. Sometimes that can be a bit of a of challenge. Chloe

  12. What a lovely mosaic. Flames? Rearranging a room is a trial, but often worth it. I rearranged some kitchen cupboards over the weekend. That was plenty!

  13. The shawl and mosaic are wonderful!

  14. The mosaic is lovely. It is also comforting to see that we are not the only couple running a sanctuary for small stray snakes. Why worry - when you are not looking at the television, you can look at the mosaic, and the snakes on the floor will just have to whistle for attention.

  15. Anonymous8:59 PM

    Stunning mosaic and lovely shawl as well.
    Photos very much appreciated.