Saturday, January 07, 2017

My husband’s carers were late tonight, coming to put him to bed – through no fault of their own, I am sure, nor did they grumble. But that means that it’s later still, now, so I won’t linger.

I didn’t manage much more than my two rows of shawl border today. I’m well across row 27, establishing the new lozenges. There are 86 rows in the borders, so my earlier calculation is looking even better, what with all this frantic knitting of late. 60 rows to go, at 2 rows a day, brings us to early February for finishing the borders. I could finish the whole thing before Lent! let alone before Easter.

And I moved forward with the tax. I am now wrestling with questions such as, why did we not have a payment from F&C Asset Management (whoever they may be) in May, 2015, although they paid us £2.48 in May, 2014? The tax return asks only for totals but I always imagine HMRC bursting the front door open with one of those sledgehammer things and shouting “What about F&C Asset Management?” (I found the answer: we have been bought out for a small sum.)

Totally non-knit

Here’s a puzzle for you. Every Saturday, the first thing I turn to in our armload of newspapers is “A Round on the Links” – a quiz in the Financial Times Magazine in which the answers to all the questions are connected with each other in some way. Usually, I can’t answer any of the questions, or perhaps only one. But there have been times when I have answered two or even three, and have grasped the link.

Today, I got three answers (and they were right) but I couldn’t see the connection at all. Can you? The questions don’t matter. The answers I knew were:

                Prunella Scales
                Jeffrey Archer
                Siamese Twins

Answer tomorrow. Of course, if you read the weekend FT – a highly recommended thing to do – you know already, so you mustn’t answer.


  1. Anonymous11:18 PM

    I'm so looking forward to EYF, first time for me as well as for Mr Flood! I will be there with my daughter who is a young knitter (turning 18 in a few days from now). My son will stay in the hotel room and will be perfectly content with his laptop and a supply of food.

  2. Ooh! I think I've figured out the puzzle but I'm not going to say in case I've got it totally wrong. Please report back.

    Going in to the new year might you want to consult with others in your family about consolidating some of these little funds that make you track tiny bits of money and create big headaches each year? That would free up more time for hap knitting!

  3. At last, a puzzle where I can see the answer! My husband was gifted a GCHQ puzzle book for Christmas - they apparently entertain themselves by inventing quiz questions somewhat like "Only Connect". I find those totally baffling as often they require an encyclopaedic knowledge of the lyrics of pop songs or classic comedy sketches.

  4. Anonymous1:46 PM

    I have tried all morning to find the connection and the closest I come is a disconnection....looking forward to the answer. HOW DID YOU FIGURE IT OUT?

  5. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Catriona said-Signs of the zodiac may be the connection. scales=Libra, Archer=Saittarius and Siamese twins=Gemini. Can't usually do these puzzles but hope my guess isn't too absurd.