Monday, January 23, 2017

Little to report, again.

I have reached row 69 of the shawl border, still on the first skein of yarn. Not much progress, but some.

The cat is in such ebullient health that even Helen wonders if we might skip the post-operative consultation on Thursday. It would worry and distress Perdita to have to go back into the carrier, and it would take up a substantial and valuable hunk of Helen’s Thursday afternoon. She’ll ring the vet tomorrow to discuss this.

My husband, meanwhile, has been droopy and sleepy all day. I haven’t called for medical help. Helen – not exactly summoned, but au courant with events --  came around in the evening and I am sure persuaded him to eat more than I would have managed. We’ll see what the District Nurse says tomorrow.

The big knitting news is that both “Laine” and the new VK turned up today. I’m not entirely convinced, on a first look, that Laine lives up to the advance excitement. VK has what is clearly a valuable essay from Meg about necklines. Both need a good deal more study before I can report properly. (Aren’t I due an IK? The subscription couldn’t have expired without their telling me.)


Mary Lou, I haven’t the faintest idea about the distinctions between snooker and pool and billiards. I never paid serious attention to any of them until this week. I was reminded at several points in the snooker final of a remark of Rex Harrison’s, back in the days of the Hays Office – that, when playing a bedroom scene, one had to keep one foot on the floor, just like snooker.

The winner, Ronnie O’Sullivan, is an interesting man, according to Wikipedia. His mother is Sicilian. His middle name is Antonio. (How did that happen?) His father encouraged and supported his brilliant son from the beginning, but was impeded in that effort during many of the boy’s formative years, by being in jail for no less a crime than murder. Something to do with the Kray Twins.

Shandy, yes, Perdita is a great nuisance at night. She still snuggles into my neck and purrs and kneads and pretends that I’m her mother. Before that, she wakes me up with gentle paw or chilly nose to say, Hi there! I’m your cat! But I always have to get up several times in the night to pee anyway, and I’m glad of her company.


  1. Irish Sicilian blends are common in NJ! (You probably know that.) I still haven't seen Laine, and await your review. A report from that paragon of information, Times of India :
    The main difference is with respect to the number of balls used. In snooker, 22 balls, including the white colour striker ball, are used. The other coloured balls are as follows: 15 red, 1 yellow, 1 brown, 1 blue, 1 pink, 1 black and 1 green. In billiards, only three balls are used white, yellow and red and both the white and the yellow ball can act as the strikers. In pool, there are nine balls with numbers and stripes printed on them.

  2. Two of my cats come to bed at night. One sleeps across the pillow, the other prefers to snuggle into an armpit. Occasionally one pinches the other one's space and there is a tussle, which is not appreciated at 4am. Apart from that they are cosy company. However they are both big boys and the two of them plus my 6'4" husband take up a lot of room so not much left for me.